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Matrix Color Memory Training
Chess online
Arithmetic Abilities
Count the Beans
Schulte Tables
Counting Flying Circles
Test by the method "Memory for numbers"
Short-term memory test - words
Short-term visual memory Test for images
Memory for numbers - series of numbers
Memory for rows of letters
Test "Remember and place"
Quest-test of short-term memory "Space incident"
Random access memory
Attention test "Arrange Numbers"
Attention test "Red-Black Table"
Attention test "Number square"
Thorndike test
Indian attention test for train drivers
Bourdon Test Letters
Bourdon Test Numbers
Bourdon test - Landolt Rings
Pieron-Rusen test
Tangled Lines Test
Reaction time test
Logical Test "Compasses"
Logical Test "Complex analogies"
Logical Test "Quantitative relations"
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