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Quest-test of short-term memory "Space incident"

Description of the quest test "Space Incident". The space superliner "Dawn-1" with colonists, heading for the planet Gliese 667 in the constellation of Scorpio, is in distress halfway to the target as a result of exposure to powerful electromagnetic radiation, presumably caused by a supernova explosion in the neighboring arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. The protective module of the thermonuclear reactor was damaged and a program was launched to eject the reactor with its subsequent elimination in open space, which will inevitably entail catastrophic consequences for the crew, since the ship will no longer be able to accelerate, and spare reactors will not be able to support the life of the entire crew throughout the further flight. Help will come too late. There are a few minutes left. The chief engineer is seriously injured, which means that you are the only person on the ship who can correct the situation, since only the captain, that is, you, has access to the module. Since the use of electronic devices is not possible, you need to memorize the instructions of the engineer as soon as possible and cancel the program of the release and self-destruction of the reactor. This short-term test allows you to assess your short-term memory capabilities as well as your ability to remember information. The more level you can pass, the correspondingly better your short-term memory and your ability to use it.

Quest test of short-term memory "Space incident" (from level 1)
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Recommendations for effective preservation of information in short-term memory (coming soon).

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