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Self-improvement is the improvement of one's own skills and qualities, both internal and external, as well as continuous training made by a person on a regular basis. While perfection can not be achieved in principle, self-improvement is a continuous process, usually lasting a lifetime. The term "self-improvement" is synonymous with the term "self-development".
Personality development is one of the areas of self-improvement, which implies the development of personal qualities such as self-confidence, self-discipline, willpower, purposefulness, courage, determination and other personal qualities. Personal growth, as well as self-improvement, is the basis for success in any area of life. This is how human psychology affects the world around him, his relationships with other people and the circumstances of his life.
Achieving success - each of us has his own idea of success, but in the overwhelming majority of cases, success can be seen as a person's realization of his abilities, the ability to do what he really likes, social well-being and security. Well-being in the family, comfortable and spacious home, good, highly paid work, free creativity and good rest, that's what success is for most of us, and what we all strive for.

Please note that within the framework of this site we will consider self-improvement as a harmonious development of the three interconnected aspects of human existence: spiritual development, body development and mind development. It is important to understand that all three aspects, namely the body, mind and soul, are strongly interrelated, and the development or suppression of one of them contributes to the development or suppression of the other two. The harmonious development of all three aspects is the foundation of human well-being and happiness.

Spiritual development touches upon issues of morality and ethics, this is our worldview, including all the way we treat ourselves, the people around us and the world as a whole.
Improvement of body involves improving the characteristics and properties of our physical body, our appearance, our health, agility, strength and endurance.
Improvement of mind includes the development of our cognitive abilities: memory, attention, speed, quality and effectiveness of our thought processes.

On the pages of you will find information on the achievement of goals, including setting goals, drawing up a plan and implementing it. Such issues of personality development as emotion management, stress management, development of self-confidence and determination, time management and effective training will be touched upon. Esoteric practices that promote self-improvement and success will also be affected. In particular, we will touch upon such issues as the power of thought, the law of attraction, meditation, the visualization of desires, and many other topics that will not only provoke interest, but will also be very useful for creating a full life, I hope this site will help you on the road to success, your new tomorrow!

© Oleg Akvan

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