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Group Bourdon test: online version

Group Bourdon test picture

The group Bourdon test, or rather a variation of it - the Bourdon-Wirsma test, or the dot cancellation test, will allow you to assess the possibilities of your attention, including the efficiency of attention and the accuracy of attention.

Here you can pass the Bourdon-Wirsma Group test online for free and find out the main possibilities of your attention. Note: it will take 1 second to prepare the table by the server and calculate the result. For devices with a small screen size, there is a table for 16 groups of dots in a row instead of 25. Keep in mind that you need to fill in the cells sequentially - from left to right, first the top line, and only then the line below, otherwise the result will be distorted.

Instructions for the Group Bourdon test:

By clicking on the link for passing the test, you will be taken to a page with several rows of pictures with dots. Each picture contains 3, 4 or 5 points. Your task is to select as many pictures with four dots on five tables as possible. It takes two minutes to select groups of points in each table, after two minutes you will be forcibly redirected to the page with the next rows of points, and so on until the 5th page, until finally you go to the page with the results. Try to take the test carefully, and then your results will be more objective and accurate.

Group Bourdon test - dot cancellation test:

The dot cancellation test is essentially a type of Bourdon test, or rather the Bourdon-Wirsma test

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