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Attention test "Number square"

Description of the test of attention according to the "Numeric square" method - online

Test description
The Numeric Square test is used to assess the volume of distribution and attention switching of subjects in psychological research or job applicants during an interview. The online version of the "Numerical Table" test allows you to assess the possibilities of your attention on your own, without leaving your home. The test itself is a form with two tables: one table with 25 numbers from 1 to 40, arranged in random order, and the second table - with 40 numbers from 1 to 40 in sequence.
Test execution:
The task of the test is to, as quickly as possible, sequentially, starting with the number 1, select in the second table those numbers that are not in the first table (square of numbers), in total, you need to select 15 numbers. The maximum working time with a numerical square is 1.5 minutes, in case you have coped with it earlier, click on the "Finish" button.
Calculation of the result
Each missing number, as well as each erroneously selected number is considered an error, each error reduces the final result. Corrections are also considered an error, but correction is allowed in this type of test. The maximum result is considered to be the correct selection of all 15 numbers in the lower table.

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