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Short-Term Memory Tests

Test Memory for numbers picture

Short-term memory test for numbers

Here you can assess your short-term visual memory for numbers. After clicking the link "Test Your memory for numbers" you will see a table with three rows of numbers, four numbers in each line. You will be given 20 seconds to remember the numbers, after which you will be redirected to the page with the form to enter the memorized numbers. You can initiate the transition to the page for entering the stored numbers yourself (if you think that enough time has passed for memorization) by clicking the "Send" button. Remember the numbers in order is not necessary. The order is taken into account when checking the result, and the result with the correct sequence (number in its places) is evaluated higher.

Picture with words for short-term memory test

Visual Short-Term Memory Test - Words:

This test, by analogy with the short-term memory test for numbers, invites you to test your short-term memory for words. In this type of short-term memory test, you are asked to memorize 16 words of English nouns for 64 seconds. About 4 seconds per word. This will allow you not only to test the capabilities of your short-term memory, but also to try out various mnemonic techniques for memorizing as many words as possible. For example, you could put these words in your short-term memory, tying them together into one short story, which would increase the amount of information stored in your short-term memory. The short-term memory test for words on this site is presented in two modifications - with the recording of memorized words in the input fields, as well as with the choice of memorized words in a table of 40 random words.

Measure your short-term visual memory for images:

Test Memory for images picture

There are many ways to measure short-term memory, one of which is short-term memory test for images. Clicking on the link "Test Your short-term memory for images", you will get to the page with 16 pictures, which you should remember in 20 seconds. After the time has elapsed, you will get to the result page where you will see 32 pictures, from which you should choose the ones you should have memorized. At the moment, the simplest version of checking short-term memory for images is available, in which you can recall the stored images simply by seeing them among the presented images of the results input page. The sequence of the arrangement of images is not necessary to observe.

Picture with a row of numbers for the test

Short Term Memory Test - Series of Numbers

The following simple test will allow you to assess your short-term memory capacity by memorizing a series of numbers. This can be called a very useful skill, for example, in cases where you need to remember someone's phone number or date of birth, or other important information consisting of a series of numbers. Passing the test will not take you much time, since the total duration of the test is about three minutes. In total, you will be asked to remember several numbers, starting from a 5-digit number, each next number will be increased by 1 digit. The time during which you will be shown the numbers to memorize is 4 seconds. Three mistakes in a row will complete the test. Also, the test will be completed after one and a half minutes, after which you will be redirected to the test results page, where you will see a summary of your short-term memory abilities.

Picture with a row of letters for the test

Short-term memory test - rows of letters:

This test for memorizing a series of words is similar to the previous test with series of numbers. Here, as well as in the test with rows of numbers, you will be asked to remember a row of letters of the English alphabet - starting with five letters, and then ascending 6 letters, 7 letters and so on. The exposure time during which the letter string will be shown on the screen is 4 seconds, after which you will see input fields in which you will need to enter the memorized string of letters. Three errors in a row end the test and initiate a transition to the page with the results. As practice shows, it is somewhat easier to memorize a letter series than a series of numbers, however, as the number of letters increases, you will find that memorizing them also begins to cause you difficulties. I suggest that you try the test yourself and determine how strong your short-term memory is. Passing the test will also not take you much time, since it is only about three minutes.

Picture for the test - remember and place

Short-term memory and attention test "Remember and Place Dots":

This short-term memory test will allow you to assess the capabilities of your short-term memory and attention. Your task in this test is to memorize the location of the dots in the cards, which will appear sequentially on the screen and held in front of your gaze for 0.5, 1 or 2 seconds, depending on the chosen test option. After showing each card, you will have to select in the entry form that appears at the bottom of the screen those cells in which you saw the dots in the upper table. In total, you will be shown 8 cards, on the first of them there will be two dots, on each next one there is 1 more dot, so that on the 8th card there will be 9 points. The total time for completing the test is about 1.5 minutes. The result is calculated from the number of correctly indicated places of appearance of dots, while, as practice shows, remembering the location of all 44 dots of the test is not a big deal for half of the subjects.

Picture with a spaceship made of dough

Quest-test of short-term memory "Space incident"

You can evaluate the capabilities of your short-term memory with this simple short-term memory quest test, where you will be required to memorize several numbers, directions of movement and color combinations. They will be needed to resolve an emergency on the spacecraft, as a result of which the colonists may be left without the main source of energy they need to quickly get their ship to their destination and maintain a high level of life support. This short-term memory test is very difficult, because you will need to memorize three types of information, so without the ability to use your short-term memory, it is almost impossible to pass the high levels of the quest. However, maybe it will not cause great difficulties for someone.

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