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Test according to the method "Complex analogies"

Description of the test "Complex analogies"

Test Description
With the help of the test according to the "Complex Analogies" method, the logical thinking of the subjects is assessed, both individually and in a group. The essence of the test is to determine the type of relationship between the 20 pairs of words presented in the test material. The task is to note to which of the types of relations between pairs of words in the cipher the revealed relation is similar. Each pair of words in the "cipher" has a specific abstract connection. Among the abstract relationships between pairs of words in the test material are: the definition of a word, quantitative relationships, exaggerations, antonyms, synonyms, causation.
Test execution:
After the start of the test, the subject will be presented with a table with 20 pairs of words. Between the words in the given 20 pairs of words there is a certain connection (an abstract connection or the relationship of one word in a pair to another), which the subject must identify. After, it should be noted which relation between the six pairs of words in the presented "cipher" is similar to the revealed relation between the pair of words in the task. The test time is 3 minutes. When ready, click the "Finish" button to go to the page with the test results.

This is how the test form "Complex Analogies" looks like:
Cifer Complex analogies test
Blank form Complex analogies
Key (question number and correct answer):

Evaluation of the method "Complex analogies" in points:
Score in points:10987654321
Correct answers:2019181715-1612-1410-118-976

In this example of the "Complex Analogies" test form, the abstract relationships between words are as follows:

  • Asteroid-Planet - exaggeration, zoomed in
  • Taboo-Ban - synonyms
  • Altruism-Selfishness - antonyms
  • Apple-Fruit - definition
  • Aspen-Grove - one-many, different in number
  • Fall-Landing - cause and effect

Pairs of words are displayed in a random order and refer to the six specified abstract relationships distributed randomly between.

Result Calculation
The result is calculated from the number of correct answers and the time spent on passing the test. Normally, in three minutes a person gives all 20 correct answers. Over time, more accurate results of this test will become available. The test can be passed several times, because each time the pairs of words will change.

Difficulties in understanding instructions and making mistakes can indicate the following problems in logical thinking:

  • Slipping inference
  • Vague thoughts
  • Arbitrariness of reasoning
  • Illogical reasoning
  • Diffusion, vagueness of thoughts against the background of understanding logical connections
  • False understanding of analogies of logical connections

Normally, the number of correct answers is 5 or more, while on a 10-point system, the minimum score is given for 6 correct answers.

Take the test "Complex analogies" (Standard test) - In addition to logical thinking, it will require the participation of short-term memory and attention to quickly select the letter corresponding to one or another analogy.

Pass the test "Complex analogies" (Simplified perception) - Here the person chooses a similar pair of words without having to shift their attention from the task to the cipher, so the result should be slightly higher than in the standard form of the test.

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