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Attention Trainer "Butterflies in pairs"

A few butterflies in the table
Image created from leonardo neural network generated image

Trainer description "Butterflies in pairs".

In this simple attention exercise you will be required to find several pairs of identical butterflies among different butterflies (depending on the variant of the exercise and the difficulty). In total, there will be groups of 24 to 64 butterflies, most of them are unique and presented in a single copy, a smaller part of butterflies has an identical pair among the whole group. Your task is to find and distinguish pairs of butterflies as soon as possible. Once all the butterflies that have a pair on the screen have been selected, you will be taken to the results page.

Pay attention to the order of the task - if you have selected a butterfly, the next selected butterfly must be exactly the same butterfly. If the next selected butterfly does not match, you will be given an error and the previous butterfly will be deselected. If you have selected a butterfly but have not found a mate for it, simply click on the same butterfly again, the butterfly will be deselected and you can select another butterfly to find its mate. It is best if you select a butterfly only after you have found a mate for it, so you can avoid unnecessary mistakes.

All characters (butterflies) are fictional and do not refer to existing butterfly species.

Selecting the level of difficulty:

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