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Test according to the method "Quantitative relations"

Description of the test "Quantitative relations"

Test Description
With the help of the test according to the "Quantitative Relationships" method, the logical thinking of the subjects is assessed. As with many other tests of intelligence, the assessment of the possibilities of human logic can be carried out both individually and in a group. The test itself is a form of 18 logical tasks, by solving which the subject must determine whether one given value is greater or lesser than another given value. To determine which of the unknowns is greater, one should take into account the quantitative relationships between the three unknowns (A, B and C) given in the test tasks.
Test execution:
By clicking on the link "Take the test" you will be taken to a page with a table of 18 logical tasks that you need to solve within 5 minutes. From the conditions of the problems, you should determine whether the unknown A is a greater or lesser value compared to the unknown C. To solve the problem, you should take into account the quantitative relationships between A and B, as well as between B and C, which are greater or less than each other in a certain number of times. After solving a logical problem, you need to select (press) the greater than ">" or less than "<" sign and do this with each of the 18 problems. Remember that time is limited, but if you manage to solve problems faster than 5 minutes, click the "Finish" button.
Result Calculation
The result depends on the number of correct answers and the time spent on passing the test. The norm for an adult is the solution of 10 or more equations correctly in the allotted time. A full interpretation of the results of passing this test will be available later to all registered users, after collecting a sufficient amount of statistical material. The test can be passed repeatedly, since the conditions of the tasks will change all the time.

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