Interactive Portal-Book of Self-Development Methods

Training of arithmetic abilities.

We are constantly confronted with the figures and the need to do simple mathematical actions in our heads. At home, at work, at the store or during planning, numbers surround us everywhere, and the ability to add and subtract often helps save time. Of course, it is enough to take a calculator on the phone and find the right answer, however, so that you will deprive yourself of the opportunity to think, and your brain is able to develop. Adding and subtracting even small numbers helps to strengthen and develop our mental abilities. Here you can train your brain by adding and subtracting small numbers for a while.

Addition - level one - addition of two-digit numbers
Addition - level tho - addition of three-digit numbers
Subtraction - level one - subtraction of two-digit numbers
Subtraction - level tho - subtraction of three-digit numbers
Multiplication - level one - Multiplication of a single-valued number (from 2 to 9) into a two-digit number (from 11 to 19)
Multiplication - level tho - Multiplication of a single-valued number (from 2 to 9) to a two-digit number (from 11 to 99)

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