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Attention Tests

Assessment Of Voluntary Attention:

Test table of figures

Test description:
You can evaluate the possibility of your attention with a simple test of attention. This technique is used to evaluate the effectiveness of functions of the human attention function in hiring. You can assess your ability to freely concentrate for free.
Passing the test:
Clicking on the following link will take you to a page with two tables - one table with 25 random numbers without repetitions from 1 to 99 and a table for entering the result. Your goal is to enter the numbers from the top table in ascending order, starting with the smallest number and ending with the largest number, for two minutes. Numbers should be entered by rows. Two minutes after the start of the test for assessment of voluntary attention, you will be redirected to the results check page, if you can manage earlier, you can click "Submit".

The "Red - Black Table"

Test Red - Black Table

Test description:
The "Red-Black Table" technique allows you to evaluate your ability to switch attention - how quickly you are distracted from one small task and focus on another.
Passing the test:
The essence of the technique "Red - Black Table" is that you alternately write the red and black letters from the table. And you write the red numbers in the decreasing sequence of the pair number, beginning at 25, and black increasing from 1. For example: 25 red - "A", 1 black - "C", 24 red - "N", 2 black - "S ", The result: "ACNS". The more you can write letters in the right order, the better your ability to switch attention. The time of work with the red-black table is 5 minutes. The letters are entered sequentially into the input windows located below the table - each letter has its own window. In the last five minutes, you will be redirected to the results table, if you manage earlier, click "Submit". Keep in mind that any error in the sequence limits your result, so be careful.

Method "Number Table"

Number Table

Test description:
Using the technique of "Numerical table", you can estimate the volume of distribution and switching of attention.
Passing the test:
When you click on the link you will see two tables in front of you - one table with 25 numbers and another table with 40 numbers, you should select the numbers in the second table that are not in the top table. This should be done no more than 1,5 minutes, after which you will go to the results check page. Do not try to deceive the program, so you can not objectively assess the possibilities of your attention. The result is estimated by the number of correctly selected numbers minus the number of numbers selected incorrectly. Check your attention. As in the previous attention tests, you can click the "Submit" button if you can do it in less than a minute and a half.

Test Thorndike "Search For Given Numbers"

Test Search For Given Numbers

Test description:
Using the technique "Search for given numbers" you can assess the level of selectivity of your attention.
Passing the test
When you click on the link, you will see a list of 10 three-digit numbers in front of you, and below is a table of 100 cells with three-digit numbers. Your task is to find and select these 10 numbers in the table as quickly as possible. The time is limited to 5 minutes (300 seconds), however, the average rate of the runtime is from 190 to 211 seconds.

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