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Training of Short-Term Memory and Attention "Counting Flying Circles"

This is a fairly simple exercise for short-term memory and attention, in which you need to count the number of flying circles over a rectangular polygon. The circles have different diameters, colors and speed of movement along the polygon, some of these circles are similar in these parameters, which makes it possible to simplify the calculation by separating the circles into groups. Please also note that the circles do not hit each other, and therefore a situation may arise when the circle has the same speed and direction of movement with the other, which can make it difficult to count.

Try counting the number of laps in the following example exercise:

I think it was not difficult. There are only 7 circles here. This is a level one exercise. In total, at the first level, there can be from 5 to 8 circles.

Exercises by level:

© Oleg Akvan

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