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Many of you came to this website in search of answers to the questions, and, probably, you would like to know, who will give you these answers and whether you can trust the author of articles. With you I will be completely frank. I have no vocational education, I have not yet reached a top of the success, and I cannot offer you magic means which would change your life to the best for a short time in exchange for ridiculous on size the sum of money. I do not know much, and a lot of things that I know, I scooped from different sources, in books, on the Internet and slightly from a personal experience. I still should learn much, but I like to learn. I like to learn something new about world constantly, I would like to know, how far the borders of human possibilities can stretch, and I wish to change lives of people surrounding me to the best. Travel only begins, and while I have a possibility, I will go forward, at the same time, I will study and develop together with you, with the help

I have not the purpose to affect your outlooks; I am not going to over persuade you in something; the purpose of creation and development of this website is to help you, with achievement of success in life, in personal and spiritual growth, irrespective of what you believe. You like to meditate? Meditate! Prefer prayers? Pray! In any case, all of you have needs in food, rest, communication with interesting people, the majority of you aspire to beautiful life and everyone want to be happy, here, on Earth, instead of somewhere there, in the following life. But to achieve this is not enough one meditation and prayer, serious work on strengthening of personal qualities and skills is necessary. The special system approach to create of changes in the life, and techniques of self-improvement is necessary for all of us. All this, I hope, can provide you the website

I ask you to pay attention also that practically all articles of this website are written in the spirit of positive thinking. Here not, also there will be no articles about how to become stronger than someone except themselves, how effectively and quickly to get rid of the enemies or how to outsmart competitors. The only enemy we need to fight is not somewhere round us, but in us. That internal voice which says to you that you are unworthy the best life that you will not cope with a task and it is better not to try at all. Your only enemy is laziness, apathy, inertness, lack of will and disbelief in itself. The only and your real rival you and you need to compete with it first of all. Thus, the way of personal development what is seen it by me, and also the majority of authors of books about self-development, is to become stronger, cleverer, and more successful, than you already are. To compare yourself yesterday's and today's, to give you suitable tools for measurement of your success, it is one more of the main objectives of this website. I wish you more successes on your way!

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