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Stroop tests.

Stroop Test Online - Determining The Coincidence Of Color And Color Name:

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The Stroop test is based on the Stroop effect, known among psychologists, according to which a person has difficulty in determining the color of the inscription if the inscription contradicts the color. For example, if the word "black" is written in red, then, before correctly determining the color of the inscription, the person will be momentarily confused, probably without realizing it, as a result of which, before he correctly determines the color, it will take more time than if the inscription matches the color of the inscription.

It is noteworthy that this effect takes place only if the name of the color is written in a language that you know, which, according to unconfirmed rumors, allowed counterintelligence departments during the Cold War to use this effect to identify spies - since a person, who knows the language of the enemy will have difficulty in determining the color of the inscription. At the same time, the speed of determining the inscription will differ from person to person, since it depends on the flexibility of cognitive thinking, which, by the way, is what the scab test allows to evaluate. In its original form, the test is something like an exam, during which you are given a form with a number of words - color names that do not correspond to the color of the names themselves, but you, in turn, must quickly and correctly voice the color of the inscription, regardless of whether As this color is named it is named in the test form. Further, I offer you some modifications of the test to determine the flexibility of thinking, but I cannot vouch for the objectivity of the interpretation of the results, since I developed the online version of the Stroop test purely intuitively, and I could not find information about this modification of the test either in books or on the Internet.

Description of the Stroop test for identifying inscriptions corresponding to the name of the color of the inscription:
By clicking on the links of this test, you will be taken to a page with a form on which multi-colored inscriptions will be placed - four types of test with inscriptions in four colors: 1st (red, yellow, blue, black), 2nd (green, yellow, blue, black), 3rd (red, yellow, green and black) and 4th (red, blue, green and black) and one type of test - with five colors (red, yellow, blue, black, green). Several varieties of this Stroop test with a different set of colors are due to different color perceptions of people, for example, there are people who have difficulty distinguishing between red, green and blue colors, but who would like to test their cognitive flexibility using this test.

Instructions for the Stroop test for identifying color and name: Your task is to mark the inscriptions on the form as soon as possible - the names of colors corresponding to the color in which they are written. That is, if the word "red" is written in red, you click on this word, if the name does not match, just skip. Working time - 1 minute.

Stroop test (5 colors)

Stroop test (4 colors without red)

Stroop test (4 colors without green)

Stroop test (4 colors without blue)

Stroop test (4 colors without yellow)

Several forms of the Stroop test for training cognitive flexibility by speaking the name of the color of the inscription under the supervision of a mentor.

Stroop test matches colors blank №1Stroop test matches colors blank №2Stroop test matches colors blank №3

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