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Short-term memory test "Memory for Letters - rows of letters" online

Description of the test
This version of the test for memorizing letters, unlike the version with a table of 12 numbers, offers you to test your short-term memory by sequentially memorizing multiple letters: starting from a row of five letters, ending with a row of 20 letters , with a gradual increase in complexity - an increasing number of letters in the letter row, which should be remembered.
Performing the test:
Switch your keyboard layout to uppercase first, as lowercase letters will be counted as errors. After clicking on the "Take the test" link, you will see the "Start test" button in front of you, after clicking on which a series of letters will appear in the center of the page, which you should remember. The approximate time during which the letter row will be displayed on the screen is from 4 to 8 seconds, depending on the test option. Your task is to memorize these letters and enter them into the input field that will appear two seconds later. After, by pressing the "Next" button, the level of difficulty of the test will increase and a series of letters will appear on the screen 1 letter more than the previous one, which you should also remember. The test will be completed when making three mistakes in a row when entering the memorized letters.
Calculation of the result
The result of the short-term memory test for letter strings is calculated based on the maximum number of letters in the letter string that you could remember without a single mistake in the memorized letter string. At the moment, the interpretation of the results of this variant of the test is limited, but over time, after collecting sufficient statistical data, more complete information about the capabilities of your short-term memory will be available to you.

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