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Short-term memory test "Remember and place" online

Description of the short-term memory test "Remember and place the dots"

Test description
The Memorize and Place Shapes (in this case, dots) test is one of the simplest tests of short-term memory. It allows you to evaluate the possibilities of temporal memory by memorizing the location of the figures on eight sequentially shown cards - tables with dots or figures - and then placing these dots in the form.
Test Execution:
After you go to the test start page, you will see two split screen areas in front of you. In the upper area of ​​the screen, cards with dots will be shown (a table of 16 cells with dots). At the bottom of the screen, after showing the points, you will see a table-form, in which you will need to select the locations of the points from the upper table. The display time of each card with dots is from 0.5 to 2 seconds. 1 second of showing the card is more suitable for adults and adolescents from 14 years old; two seconds of showing cards may be required for children under the age of 14; and 0.5 seconds is a hard version for assessing your photographic memory. In total, you will need to remember and enter points on 8 cards. The first card will contain two dots, each next one more dot, that is, the eighth card will contain 9 dots. After showing each card, you are given 10 to 20 seconds to fill out a form in the lower half of the screen. The forms represent an open field of 16 sectors, by clicking on which you place figures or points in them. After you mark the points in the card, you should click the "Next" button, or wait until the end of the time given for placing the dots in the table in order to proceed to displaying the next card. After completing work with all eight cards, click the "Finish" button, or wait until the time for placing dots to go to the test results. Time for filling out forms - with two to five dots - 10 seconds, with 6-7 dots - 15 seconds, with 8-9 dots - 20 seconds.

Cards with dots look something like this (here they are presented on a smaller scale):

Calculation of the result
The result is calculated from the total number of correctly placed dots on all 8 forms. Among other things, Perceptual Accuracy is computed, which is (Tv = (& sum; / n) * 100), where & sum; - the number of correctly completed test forms "Remember and dot the dots", and n - the number of viewed cards with dots. The division result is multiplied by 100 to get a percentage. Also below you will see a table that, in relation to children, can serve as a starting point for assessing the capabilities of their short-term memory.

Table for assessing the amount of attention based on the results of the "Remember and dot" test.

БаллAttention development levelNumber of correctly spaced dots
10Very hight6 or more dots
8-9Hight4 to 5
6-7Average3 to 4
4-5Low2 to 3
0-3Very lowNo more than one dot

This interpretation of the test results is more suitable for children, since the maximum number of correctly reproduced dots by adults in practice is slightly higher than the indicated values.

The following is a table for assessing the amount of attention on a 9-point scale.

Score in points987654321
Number of characters correctly reproduced16151311109643

This test can be attributed to both short-term memory tests and attention tests, since it determines the amount of a person's attention, which, however, cannot be independent of short-term memory.

© Oleg Akvan

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