Interactive Portal-Book of Self-Development Methods

Policy of the website

Privacy policy and conditions of using information resource

1. Basic provisions of policy of the website
1.1 This policy of this website extends on all without an exception who or what, anyway, interacts with this website.
1.2 Any visitor of the website by default gives consent to observance of the conditions listed in this document, and also agrees with other provisions of policy of this website.
1.3 The author of the website reserves the right to make minor changes to this website policy, without the prior notification.
2. Use conditions:
2.1 The description of this information resource.
2.1.1 - the information resource of a wide thematic orientation mentioning such subjects as psychology, philosophy, anthropology and other scientific, pseudo-scientific and pseudoscientific subjects, and also any other subjects which the author and the owner of this website will consider it necessary to mention on this resource.
2.1.2 - the author's project which is growing out of intellectual activity of one person, and in some cases groups of people using certain sections of this website as a platform for the creative self-expression, therefore, to consider information placed on this website as truth of final instance it is not recommended. On the contrary, try to look for confirmation on other information resources.
2.1.3 The author of this website guarantees objectivity and reliability of information placed on the website exactly in that degree as far as it is possible that does not exclude emergence possibility on pages of this website of typographical errors and mistakes.
2.1.4 The main objective of creation of this resource consists in acquaintance of visitors of the website with existing technologies and techniques of improvement of the personality, and also with granting the special tools, capable to help with aspiration of visitors of this website to become better and to introduce in the life positive changes.
2.2 Copyright assigned to the author of the website
2.2.1 Any articles, texts, reviews, messages, programs and the images placed on the website are Oleg Akvan's author's property and are protected by the law. In some cases, copyright on articles, texts, reviews, messages and images, belongs to the visitors who have voluntary placed results of the intellectual work on the website
2.2.2 Use of articles, texts, reviews, messages, programs and images of this website, except as for the fact-finding purposes or private use, is strictly forbidden. That also means that any way of reproduction, display, the publication, distribution and change of information placed on the website, without the written permission of the owner of copyright, namely Oleg Akvan, will be pursued under the law.
3. Responsibility of the parties:
3.1 Responsibility of visitors of the website
3.1.1 Information, recommendations, techniques, technologies and the tools provided by this website, are intended to persons with steady mentality, and cannot serve as alternative to consultations at all and to treatment by professional doctors and other competent persons.
3.1.2 The visitor assumes full responsibility for application of recommendations, techniques, technologies, tools and any other information found on this website.
3.1.3 The visitor assumes full responsibility for application of own interpretation of any information placed on website
3.2 Refusal of responsibility of authors of the website
3.2.1 The authors and administrators of this website does not suffer responsibility for any losses or damage connected with application of recommendations, techniques, technologies, tools and other information placed on this website or on others, related with it a websites and projects.
4. Website privacy policy
4.1 Secret of private life.
4.1.1 The website administration undertakes to observe your right to secret of private life.
4.1.2 Any personal information left by visitors on the website in the course of registration or participation in drafts of this website, is subject to safe storage and is carefully protected from encroachments.
4.1.3 The website administrators of do not sell and do not spread personal information of the visitors, and also do not provide to anybody this information, except as by a court decision.
4.1.4 At the moment of removal by the user of his personal page, all information left by it on the website, is subject to irrevocable removal.
4.2 Statistical information.
4.2.1 The website traces IP - addresses of visitors of this website, fixes time of duration of stay of visitors on pages. Information collected thus is not used at all for identification of the visitor, but gathers for the purpose of improvement of quality of information placed on this website.
4.2.2 Information about participation of visitors in drafts of the website can be used for an assessment of quality and definition of level of efficiency the technician, techniques and the tools placed on the website, however in the course of collection of information the binding to specific visitors is not carried out.

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