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Short term memory trainer "Butterflies for the collection"

Description of the trainer "Butterflies for the collection".

Grandpa Anthony met me in his greenhouse. There were lots of flowers and butterflies, real live butterflies of all shapes and colors flying everywhere. The entire space of the large glass room was filled with the scent of exotic flowers and fearless butterflies landing on my head and shoulders. I knew Grandpa was an entomologist and collected butterflies and moths, but it would never have occurred to me that instead of stands with winged insects pinned to it, I would see such a lively variety. We rarely saw him in person, and only communicated remotely because he didn't linger at his house. But today Grandpa said that he is too old to walk through the woods and glades and search for undiscovered species of insects for his collection by himself, so he asked me to help him find new butterflies that were caught in a camera trap in several hidden corners of the planet. Just imagine, I'll be heading out into the wild jungle! Good thing the journey there will take minutes, and I'll have my personal robot assistant with me to keep me safe while I catch butterflies for my grandfather's living collection.

Your task in this simple short-term memory trainer is to find among the butterflies in the forest those that were given in the initial condition. Each correctly memorized butterfly - plus one point to the memory rating, each wrong answer - respectively, minus one. Butterflies of different colors and shapes will alternately appear on your screen in the number of several copies at a time, your task - in the case of the presence of the desired butterfly among them - click on it to get it to you in the net. As soon as you catch the specified number of butterflies, the level will be passed, and you will move on to the next level. In total there are four levels of difficulty in the simulator game. The first level begins with the search for one butterfly, the second - two, the third - three, and the fourth, respectively, four, while the number of butterflies among which you need to find the specified butterflies will also grow with increasing difficulty level.

Selecting the level of difficulty:

© Oleg Akvam

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