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Pictures for the test Arithmetic operations

Test Description
This one of the easiest tests to perform will allow you to assess your mental abilities, namely, attention and speed of thinking, or rather the speed of performing arithmetic operations, which can also be used to judge the level of a person’s intellectual development. The essence of the test is that the subject as quickly as possible correctly calculates the sum of each of several rows of numbers that are not delimited from each other by any visual boundaries. One of the difficulties of the test is that you can mix up the numbers that you add, and even the series in which you perform addition operations. Thus, the test will require a high concentration of attention during execution.

Passing the test
By clicking on the following link, you will be taken to a page with a table consisting of several rows of numbers (depending on the type of test, this can be 10 or 5 rows and from 10 to 20 numbers in each row). Your task is to add the numbers of each row correctly and enter the results of the additions into the input fields at the end of each row. The test time is limited. The maximum time for passing the test for different age groups of subjects is different. For adults it is 1.5 seconds for each digit added, for late teens it is 2 seconds, for early teens it is 2.5 seconds, and for children 6 to 9 years old it is 3 seconds. In case you manage before, click on the "Finish" button to go to the page with the test results.

Calculation of results
The results are calculated from the number of correct answers and the time spent on passing the test. On average, it takes from one to one and a half seconds to perform one arithmetic operation, depending on the age of the subject and the conductivity of the neurons involved in the task.

Test options for performing arithmetic operations (horizontal rows):

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