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  1. Short-Term Memory Tests
  2. Tests of Attention
  3. Bourdon Tests Online
  4. Logical reasoning tests

Here you will find a list of tests to measure the ability of our brain, including short-term memory tests, attention tests, Bourdon tests, logic tests and others. The list contains links to a full description of the tests, as well as buttons to start the test.

Short-Term Memory Tests

Test Memory for numbers picture

Short-term memory test for numbers

Try to memorize 12 numbers in 20 seconds and reproduce the memorized numbers

Picture with words for short-term memory test

Visual Short-Term Memory Test - Words:

Try to memorize as many words as possible in a limited time

Short-term visual memory for images:

Test Memory for images picture

Try to memorize 16 pictures in 20 seconds and find among a random set of pictures the ones you remember

Picture with a row of numbers for the test

Short Term Memory Test - Series of Numbers

Memorize rows of numbers, reaching the limit of your brain

Picture with a row of letters for the test

Short-term memory test - rows of letters:

Memorize rows of letters and find out how big a row of letters you can remember

Picture for the test - remember and place

Short-term memory and attention test "Remember and Place Dots":

Remember and place the dots in the order in which they were shown

Picture with a spaceship made of dough

Quest-test of short-term memory "Space incident"

Take a short quest test to determine the capabilities of your short-term memory

Tests of Attention

Arrange Numbers Test:

Test table of figures

Arrange the numbers in ascending order and test your attention

The "Red - Black Table"

Test Red - Black Table

Write down in turn the letters that you see in the table next to the black numbers in descending order, and the letters next to the red numbers in ascending order

Method "Number Table"

Number Table

Highlight those numbers in the bottom table that are not in the top table

Test Thorndike "Search For Given Numbers"

Test Search For Given Numbers

Find and highlight ten three-digit numbers in the table as quickly as possible

Indian test "Comparison of numbers"

Determine which series of numbers are equal to each other and which are not equal

Munsterberg test - search words among letters

Find and select words of the English alphabet in a random set of letters, the minimum word size is four letters

A page with a full description of the Munsterberg test: Munsterberg test - online

Taking the test on a desktop computer. The selection of text occurs with the help of the mouse - by pressing the left mouse button and highlighting the desired area of text:

Munsterberg test (simplified version)

Munsterberg test (option for adults)

To pass the test on mobile devices. You will have to select each letter of the word separately by alternately clicking on them with the left mouse button or with your finger or stylus on the touch screen of the mobile device.

Munsterberg test shortened version (letter by letter selection)

Munsterberg test extended version (letter by letter selection)

Schulte table test online

Example of filling in the Schulte table

Select numbers in the table in ascending or descending order, depending on the Schulte test option

Online Schulte table in ascending order (With highlighting of selected squares):
Schulte table online in ascending order (without highlighting the selected squares):

Online Schulte table in descending order (with highlighting of selected squares):
Online Schulte table in descending order (without highlighting the selected squares):

Bourdon Test Online

Bourdon-Wirsma test

Group Bourdon Test or Bourdon-Wirsma Test:

Consistently find and select among the groups of points those that consist of four points in five series of the test for attention and fatigue

Go to the full test description page:Bourdon-Wirsma test

Bourdon Test: Alphabetic Version:

Select in each row those letters that are the first in these rows.

Go to the full test description page:Bourdon Test Letters

Bourdon Test - Numerical Version

Sequentially from top to bottom and from left to right, select the given number in the table of numbers

Go to the full test description page:Bourdon Test Numbers
Test for passing on smartphones with a small screen resolution. A string of 40 digits is divided into two lines of 20 digits. In the results, two rows will be counted as one row. Link to the test below:
Take the "Bourdon Test - Numbers" test online (for small screens)
Test to pass on wide screen devices - standard 40 digits per line:
Take the "Bourdon Test - Numbers" test online (for standard monitors)

Test "Landolt Rings"

Highlight rings with a specific gap direction in the table

Go to the full test description page:Bourdon Test Landolt

Perform sequential calculations by adding the top number to the bottom and entering the results in the appropriate boxes, discarding the tens from the result if the result is greater than or equal to 10

Logical reasoning tests

Compasses from the logical thinking test

Test of logical thinking according to the method "Compasses":

Determine the direction of the compass needle, given the direction of the risks on the compass

Picture for the test Complex analogies

Test according to the method "Complex analogies":

Determine what relationship exists between two words and select the result that matches that relationship

Picture for the test Quantitative relations

Test of logical thinking according to the method "Quantitative relations":

Considering the conditions of each problem, determine which of the unknowns is greater, and put the appropriate "greater than" or "less than" sign between these unknowns.

Mental speed test "Arithmetic operations" - online

Pictures for the test Arithmetic operations

Determine the sum of the addition of the digits of each row

Test options for performing arithmetic operations (horizontal rows):

Reaction time test

Reaction test description. Just test your reaction by clicking on the square as quickly as possible when it turns red

Simple reaction test

Decision Time Test Description.

Simple Decision Time Test

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