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Body Improvement.

All of us live in a material world, within that reality in which everything, I would tell, absolutely everything, is subordinated to laws of physics, chemistry, mathematics and geometry. We are convinced of existence of a material world by means of sense organs, we see it; we hear it; we feel smells; we can touch it; and we are in contact with it constantly as we consist of a material substance. No one person on the Earth can to deny the participation in a material world, without having done much harm for itself. We are a part of a material world and from it we depend. Our bodies, or covers, are made in such a manner that we feel need for water and food - energy, without which existence of our body is impossible. We also feel need for some other factors, including the warmth, a roof over your head, safety, communication with other people, and in many other things without which our life cannot be called as high-grade. Any of you can to build the number of the requirements which does your life better. These requirements can slightly differ from the person to the person, but practically all of them have one common feature - they are provide wellbeing of ours physical bodies, so and ourselves.

We depend on the body more, than we think. Our mood and health entirely depends on in what condition there is our body. Our emotions are constructed on the chemical processes proceeding in our body. Our feelings, ability to see, hear and feel surrounding subjects and ourselves, are caused by receptors of our material body and by information transfer on nervous fibers in the nervous center of our body - a brain. Our thoughts and character and desires, all of this is result of the highest nervous activity occurring besides in our body and if it is concrete, in our brain. By frankly speaking, I do not know that remains from us if to subtract everything is what provides us our body. In this respect there is a set of guesses, you can learn about them from other articles of the website Here I want to show as far as it is important to improve the body for high-grade human life, to watch over the health, to conduct an active way of life and in any other manner to support the body in a good condition. The care of the physical body should become one of the main directions of self-development as our body is a haven of two other aspects of human life - soul and mind.

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