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Short-Term Memory Training.

Short-Term Memory Training "Magic Forest".

Training "Magic Forest" will help you improve your short-term visual memory. After clicking on the link that you see below, you will be taken to the page of the short-term visual memory exercise "Magic Forest". You will see an image of two large trees, one middle tree and one bush. Visually the image is divided into 12 segments, in which at intervals of 1.5 seconds there will be images of animals. Your task is to memorize the location of each beast and place them in the order in which they appear on the screen. Warning: the recommended screen width is 1024, only for the correct operation of the simulator your browser must support JavaScript technology, in addition, JavaScript must be enabled in your browser settings.

Short-Term Memory Training "Mystery Of The Coral Reef".

This simple short-term memory training will help you not only determine the level of capabilities of your brain, but also improve your short-term memory and attention, if, of course, you will train them regularly. Memory training "Among the corals", is an image of the underwater world with corals, algae and large stones. Only 12 sectors in which crabs and seahorses of different colors will appear. After their disappearance, your task will be to identify the places where specific underwater inhabitants were located. After clicking the "Submit" button, you will be directed to the results page: correctly selected animals will be highlighted with a green frame, incorrectly selected animals - red, and skipped animals - yellow.

Visual memory trainer "Butterflies for the collection".

Help Grandpa complete his butterfly collection with this simple short-term memory trainer. All you need to do is remember the butterflies proposed in the condition and find them among those that will appear on the next screen among different butterflies, some of which, at the same time, may be very similar to the butterflies you need to find. The higher the level, the more butterflies you will need to find, and the more butterflies you will come across in the jungle, among which you will need to find certain butterflies. This simulator will also help you develop your attention, since to successfully complete the levels you will have to pay attention to details.

Photographic Memory Trainer "Memorizing Colors".

The ability to keep in your short-term memory for a long time the most detailed picture of what you saw in a short time is a very useful ability not only for professions such as an investigator, when even the smallest detail can play a decisive role in an investigation, but also for a large number of other professions, and just for life. We present you a photographic memory simulator - "Memorizing colors", training with which will help you improve your short-term visual memory. After clicking on the "Start" button on the page of the simulator, you will see a square of 3 by 3 cells in front of you, the color of which will change for a short time, during which you will have to memorize what color the cells were colored in and color these cells in the same colors using palette placed under the simulator. Five mistakes on the same level take away one attempt from you. In total, you have 3 attempts, after which the game ends. Develop your photographic memory playfully with the "Memorize Colors" simulator.

Short-Term Memory Training "Memory Square".

This simulator is designed to expand the capabilities of your brain and, in particular, for improve the short-term visual memory. The essence of the exercise is simple. After clicking on the link that you see below, you will be taken to a page with a square of 16 cells. Within one and a half seconds, 4 cells will be highlighted in it. Your task is to remember their location and highlight them in a square. After that, you will go to the next level, which will highlight 5 cells. At the third level - 6 cells and so on. At level 6, the square will increase to 25 cells, and you will need to find 9 cells already. If you make a mistake, you will go to the previous level. In general, forward.

Short-term memory training "Space incident".

This test, which is also a good short-term memory training, will require you to have a good ability to operate with information in your mind, that is, to manage your short-term memory. In the process of passing this test, you will have to memorize a series of numbers, directions of movement (up, right, left), as well as color schemes. Thus, in your mind you will need to keep disparate information, which complicates this type of test, or short-term memory simulator, by an order of magnitude. However, no wonder less than one percent of people will be able to pass all levels of this test using only their minds. Try it, just be patient.

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