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Rest is one of the main components of health and longevity, and it is also necessary to achieve success in any area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife, because if you are tired, it is difficult for you to maintain a high level of motivation and effectively solve everyday problems. But, unfortunately, we are not always able to tune in to rest, relax and get rid of unnecessary stress, as a result of which rest does not bring the effect that it could bring if it was of high quality. Quiet soothing music and sounds of nature can help in solving this problem. Music is able to penetrate into the very depths of your being and relieve you of unnecessary stress, setting you up for a full, high-quality rest. So, in this article I will post videos and audio materials for rest and relaxation.

Sounds of nature for relaxation and sleep:

People say that the sounds of rain are a great way to fall asleep, with the monotonous noise of falling drops and the quiet sounds of thunder, some people do it best. And here is what I managed to find:

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Main page / Restroom
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