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Reaction time test

Reaction test description. The reaction test in its standard online version - there is a usual check of the time it takes to click the mouse or press the touch screen after the color of the square in front of you (it can be of any color, but in this case it will be black) changes to another color (in this case, red). The average response time will be calculated from the average response in a series of short tests. It is advisable to go through a series of tests in order to get the most accurate estimate of your reaction - the average value of the reaction time.

Simple reaction test

Decision Time Test Description. This type of test is very similar to the previous one, but differs in that now you will need to click on the square as quickly as possible only if its color changes to the one specified in the test condition (in this case it will be red), because the black area can turn both red and green. The time after which you correctly determine the color and click on the square is the decision time (In principle, we can say that the decision time is made up of two parameters - the reaction time and the time when your brain determines whether the color of the square matches the given color, and click on the square). As in the previous reaction test, the average decision time will be calculated from the results of passing several given tests.

Simple Decision Time Test

Below you can check your reaction time (no average is calculated).

Click on the black area

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