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Mind Development.

It is difficult to imagine, how borders of possibilities of our brain can far stretch - we know too little about the device of this wonderful creation. One thing is clear: Million years of natural selection, or intention of Creator, led to emergence the unsurpassed hitherto knowledge tool. All material in the Universe submits to the physics laws; all life submits to laws of biology; but the people, the unique live beings in world which has ability to overcome these laws. Do not consider my words like exaggeration and, before doing conclusions, look around: here and there, everywhere you will see numerous signs of human power. Cars, cell phones, artificial lighting, a table at which you sit, all this would not be, if a person, as the species, had no so developed brain. Moreover, the world which we know it, would be absolutely another and, most likely, we would have no possibility to reflect about it.

In your head the real treasures, a source of all future riches, love and happiness is hidden; you will convinced of it many times if, of course, will dare to think in this way. Be convinced and that it is simple to have a brain insufficiently to call itself really reasonable person. Yes, our brain allows us to adapt very effectively to surrounding conditions – to that environment in which we live, and yes, it sharply allocates us among all other live beings: allows to solve complex problems, to make the weighed decisions and so on, but he cannot guarantee your development as human. Many of us only follow progress and do not create anything new even for the own life. Constantly complaining of a lack of the new feelings, many of us continue to be content with monotony and do not wish to put though some efforts for creation of changes. I do not know it is good or it is bad and what way of life is correct, but I am sure what: to become the real owner and the creator of the life, it is necessary to learn, to develop, and to operate the mental capacities constantly.

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