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Test of short-term visual memory for images:

Picture with images from the test

Test Description
With this simple test, you can test your short-term memory for images, or more specifically, your short-term visual memory. All you have to do is memorize as many of the 16 pictures as possible and choose among 32 different pictures on the result entry page.
Passing the test
After clicking on the link below, you will be taken to a page with sixteen small pictures, each of which represents a particular visual image. Your task is to memorize as many of these pictures as possible within 20 seconds, and then select the memorized pictures on the result entry page. Once you have selected the memorized pictures, click on the done button to check how many pictures you have memorized.
The results of the test of short-term memory for images
The results page will display the pictures you selected and the pictures you should have selected with a note to see if the picture was selected correctly. The number of pictures that you managed to remember, minus the pictures that were chosen erroneously, is taken into account, this is the main indicator of the degree of development of your memory in this version of the short-term memory test for images.

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