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Comparison of numbers - Indian attention test for train drivers

Description of the attention test "Comparison of numbers"

Test description
This test is used to assess the attention level of train drivers in India and allows you to assess the ability of your attention in just one and a half minutes. All you need to do is compare 20 numbers and put an equal or inequality sign. Despite the seeming simplicity in execution, in practice it turns out that it is not easy to compare all 20 numbers in one and a half minutes.
Test Execution:
The test is a table of 20 numbers from three to nine digits, which you must compare in a time equal to one minute and 30 seconds or 90 seconds. That is, it takes about 4 seconds to compare each number. Depending on whether the numbers are equal or not, click on the equal or inequality sign between the numbers.
Calculation of the result
The result is calculated from the number of correctly defined equalities and the time spent on determining the equalities. One minute and 30 seconds is the maximum time given to complete the test, the average time to complete this test is about half this time, however more accurate results are not yet available.

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