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"Soul", we often hear this word and quite often we use it in conversation with other people. «The soul left in heels» - we speak, having tested a fright, «the soul hurts» - we point to an emotional pressure and concern, «the soul rejoices» - we express positive feelings or «he has no soul» - judge the person, not capable to feel compassion. Almost each of us is ready to bet that it has a soul, however to answer a question that such soul actually, nobody can. In general, about this aspect of the human being we know very little, existence of soul was not confirmed with scientific or any other methods, however it at all does not prevent us to believe in its presence at each of us - something prompts to us that the soul definitely should be. Scientists explain this belief by fear before inevitability of death: to us, as well as to any other being on Earth, sooner or later it is necessary to leave the terrestrial world; we are afraid of approach of this moment and feel strong desire to delay it for uncertain time, especially, when we are young. And as material immortality is unattainable at our level of development of a civilization, we are calm by possibility of extension of life after death of our physical shell. This explains the belief in afterlife and actually in soul. It is difficult to disagree with it, but whether means it, what the soul does not exist? I think what here early to do conclusions: our world is too great and difficult, that it could be understood and brought under logic laws. Thus, the question remains open, offering us the rich soil for reflections.

Actually about soul also there will be a speech in this section of the website, to be exact it is about spiritual development of the person. But before you will go to a way, I should warn you that no one person on Earth can provide you a little exact methods of development of a spiritual component of your life. Nobody knows that such soul actually, and, especially, what units of measure would be correct to use for tracking of progress of your spiritual development if it in general is possible. In this question you should rely on own vision of the world and to trust to few of us who as it is represented to you, reached a spiritual enlightenment. The history knows examples of such people; these are philosophers, politicians, religious figures and the writers who have brought the significant contribution to achievement of moral and ethical improvement of mankind as a whole and each person separately. However, I think, that many of really clarified people is remained not heard, and to those who was heard, many of us simply did not manage to listen, but, I hope, time will correct this omission for mankind. As to me: you do not have need to trust me, everything that will be written further, I pass through a prism of own views and belief, trying to be the most objective, however. With something you can be not agree, and something obligatory will be accepted by all your heart. Eventually, all of us are created from the same material, do you agree?

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