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Attention test "Arrange Numbers"

Description of the test by method "Arrange Numbers Test" - online

Test description
The test for attention according to the "Number ranking" method allows you to determine the possibilities of a person's attention, namely, voluntary attention. The test itself consists of two tables of 25 cells - the upper table, consisting of twenty-five numbers from 1 to 99, arranged in random order, and the lower one with twenty-five cells - input fields into which you need to write out the numbers from the upper table in ascending order starting with the smallest number.
Test execution:
In the offline version of the test, the subject needs to write out the numbers with a pen or pencil; in the online version, this can be done using the mouse pointer and keyboard, sequentially highlighting the cells with the mouse pointer and writing down the number with using the keyboard. You can switch between windows for entering numbers using the "Tab" button of your keyboard. It is important that the ascending order of the numbers is observed from the very first number recorded in the lower table to the very last recorded number, since the result will be calculated from correctly placed numbers up to the first error in ascending order (the first missing number, which should have been next in order) ... Test execution time is 2 minutes. After two minutes, you will be forcibly redirected to the test results page, but if you do it earlier, click on the "Finish" button.
Calculation of the result
The test according to the method of "Arrangement of numbers" is generally not difficult for the subjects, the main thing is that the subjects should be extremely attentive and not make mistakes. The average test norm is 22 numbers, however, for the online version of the "Number ranking" test, this value may be slightly lower due to the greater complexity of entering numbers into each cell, in addition, the result may depend on the device on which this test is performed.

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Ye cuiyun 2024-03-30 10:41:19

I think this assignment is very good for exercising our brain power and eyesight.

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