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Bourdon test variant with letters online

The Bourdon test in the letter version is quite common among psychologists. It is easy to complete. And it allows you to give a relatively objective assessment of the possibilities of human attention. The test is a table of 40 by 40 cells with the letters of the English alphabet, a total of 1600 letters in the table. Among all the letters, the subjects need to sequentially find and select the given letters. Usually it is necessary to select those letters that are the first in the row.

Instructions for performing the Bourdon test - letter version:

Your task is to sequentially look through each line of the test to highlight those letters in it that are located first in these lines (in this case, these letters are already highlighted in a different color). In a simplified version, your work with a proof test is not interrupted and lasts 5 minutes. In the advanced version, which allows you to evaluate more parameters of your attention, your work is automatically interrupted every minute, the page is refreshed, the data is saved, and you continue to work from the same place where you left off.

The usual version of the letter proof test is:
Random distribution of letters
Continuous test passing

Take the test "Bourdon test letter variant" online - simplified version
Advanced and professional version of the Bourdon test with letters:
If you are confident in your abilities (people with higher education), the professional version is more suitable for you, for those who are less confident in their abilities (people with secondary education) - the advanced version.
Features of this version of the test:
More even distribution of letters
Per-minute control - every minute the page is updated
More indicators - added fatigue index (for professional version)

"Bourdon Test - Letters" advanced version (short table of 40 lines)
"Bourdon Test - Letters" professional (Long table)

Correction test calculated indicators:

  • Bourdon test calculated indicators:

    Time spent t

    The total number of characters viewed up to the last selected character N

    Total number of lines viewed C

    The total number of characters to be crossed out n

    The total number of characters crossed out M

    Correctly selected letters S

    Letter characters you missedP

    Wrongly selected characters O

  • Calculation of the result:

    Indicator of the speed of attention (attention performance) A=N/t A characters per second.

    Work accuracy indicator (first option) T1=M/n T1 conventional units

    Work accuracy indicator (second option) T2=S/n T2 conventional units

    Work accuracy indicator (third option, according to Whipp) T3=(M-O)/(M+P) T3 conventional units

    Mental productivity index E=N*T2 E characters.

    Mental performance Au=(N/t)*((M-(O+P))/n) Au characters per second

    Concentration (percentage of correctly highlighted characters from all that needed to be highlighted) K=((M-O)*100)/n K percent.

    Indicator of stability of attention concentration Ku=C*(C/(P+O+(1))) (if there are no errors or omissions, add one to the divisor) Ku conventional units

    The capacity of visual information (V) calculated by the formula: V=0,5936*N where 0,5936 - average capacity per character (bit) V characters

    The processing rate (Q) is calculated by the formula: Q=(V-2,807*(P+O))/t where 2,807 - loss of information for one missed one, Q characters

    Attention level K.

    The level of development of concentration of attentionValue, K%
    Very good81 - 100%
    Good61 - 80%
    Average41 - 60%
    Bad21 - 40%
    Very bad0 - 20%

    Stability of concentration of attention - points and level

    5,3 - 20,41ILow
    20,5 - 35,52
    35,6 - 50,63
    50,7 - 65,74IIAverage
    65,8 - 80,95
    81,0 - 96,06
    96,1 - 111,17IIIHight
    111,2 - 126,28
    126,3 - 171,99
    172,0 - 219,710IVVery hight
    219,8 - 326,411
    326,5 - 1101,512

    Processing speed table for children from 7 to 14 years old.

    Age (years)V, bitQ, bit
    7 - 82600,74
    9 - 102820,83
    11 - 123401,02
    13 - 143751,11

    Table of processing speed in points.

    PointsQ, bit/с
    20,57 - 0,63
    30,64 - 0,73
    40,74 - 0,83
    50,84 - 0,91
    60,92 - 1,04
    71,05 - 1,19
    81,20 - 1,34
    91,35 - 1,36

    Norm for adults Q = 1,6 (+-) 0,16.

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