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Published: 20.01.2018 22:09:47

You are already great, each of you are great by the own nature. You are surprising creations endowed with mind and with ability to feel, to think and to remember. You the only beings in the nearest and, probably, in the distant space, who once asked the philosophically deep question: Who I am, or what I am, and why I here? Your birth is a grandiose event of universal scales, grandiose, as a Big Bang in which the Universe with all its star systems and the vast space was born. And it is unique not only your ability to think and to realize, your brain, your personality, all your body, as a part of the most unique biosphere, is really unique. Anywhere on the earth and in space, in soon or in the far future, there will be no person, with the same body, same abilities and same life experience and that does you even more unique. Your stay on the earth should not and cannot to remain unnoticed if only you will continue to fight for your destiny.

Remember that any of you can reach greater heights in this world: to reveal abilities, to develop talents, to live and to create, like the greatest people of history. Any can leave a trace in memory of descendants. Your life, most valuable of the gifts, ever presented to you the majestic force bearing the name Universe or God. Together with this invaluable gift you got power over it, and ability to build the life on your own understanding. The few use this gift. And few possess knowledge and faith in their own possibilities, which are waiting to be discovered. No matter how big your goals, you can achieve much more than you think, that you can. You can become the creator of own life, and can make your life and life of other people better. It is important only that you lived the happy, high-grade life which has not been constructed on misfortunes of other, same majestic creations, as you.

© Oleg Akvan

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