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Published: 15.11.2014 20:28:35

Human consciousness is one of the most difficult riddles, which occupies minds of philosophers and scientists many-many years. Our existence in itself, I speak about each specific person, is a real mystery. Who are we? How we here appeared? What will be with us after death? Why we such what we are? How real the world surrounding us? How real we are? And how considerable we are in relation to the world surrounding us? Providing a set of the facts, scientists say to us that we no more than the machines, improbably complex biological robots, who are able to realize and effectively to cooperate with surrounding reality. Generally, the mechanistic approach to questions of existence reduces us to the sizes of a particle of dust locked in an iron grip of reality, once appeared and gradually coming nearer to a "non-existence" condition. On other side, philosophers and metaphysicians, through internal work come they to incredible conclusions that we not simply machines, but Creators of the reality, to that concept of the world, in which initially consciousness, instead of a material substance. As a result, the so-called idealistic approach open our eyes on that thought that we are more than it seems to us – what we are important part of this world, the links of one chain which are inseparably linked with each other, at different levels of existence.

But who we are actually, the immortal divine creations concluded in a material cover or machines, the unique organisms, capable to realize itself? We make huge efforts to search of the answer to this question, but the truth will not open to us soon, and it is not known, whether will open in general. Eventually, true can be both, the first and the second version of the answer, and even two answers at the same time. We only need to stop on something one, something that will not harm to our wellbeing or wellbeing of people surrounding us, something that will allow us to live happily, here and now, not somewhere in the following life which can and not to be. It is obvious that together with the greatest gift of life, we have an opportunity, and even responsibility, to live in harmony with itself, with a people surrounding us, with a live and lifeless substance. We have a great opportunity to open all the potential: to be a great creators with the most powerful computers in the world in the heads is; to be a parts of the wildlife, capable to hear a melody, to inhale aromas, to distinguish paints and it is simple to feel; to be a People, from capital letter, compassionate, loving, pure and light People. I consider that acceptance of this possibility is the true purpose of life of each person. Miss it? It is your choice.

© Oleg Akvan

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