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Affirmations - Questions and Answers

In this article you will find answers to the basic questions concerning people who apply statements in their lives. If you do not see your question here and would like to receive an answer, please contact me using Feedback, and I will try to answer your question.

What if I do not believe in affirmations?

It should be borne in mind that the statements are not spells or magical plots, they are more like formulas of auto-suggestion, although they are not them. Affirmations are rather an auxiliary tool designed to help you create images of satisfied desires in your head that, in turn, affect your mood, well-being, thoughts and behavior. Affirmations motivate you to achieve your goals, so it does not matter whether you believe in your statements or not.

What is the mechanism of affirmations?

In themselves, the words and phrases that you repeat are constructions that refer to specific images in your head or to some idea of ​​something abstract. You hear the word wealth, and an image for this word is already ready in your head. Affirmations carry a positive image of a fulfilled desire. So, you repeat a positive statement about your goal many times, and over time the image in your head becomes brighter, if, of course, you practice repetition of affirmations with full dedication. In turn, the images of a fulfilled desire created in your head, in case you really want it, motivate you to perform real actions.

How many applications can I submit at a time?

If you want to achieve the achievement of two or three goals at the same time, and you think you can achieve them, you can easily repeat, from 2 to 6 affirmations in one session, two to three affirmations per goal, you can do more, but efficiency will be reduced. In general, it depends on many factors, in particular, on the size of the desire, on how many goals you want to achieve with different affirmations, and on the existence of contradictions between these goals. I can say one thing - it's important not how many affirmations you apply at a time, but how you do it.

How many minutes does it take to repeat an affirmation in one session?

It is believed that enough 5 - 15 minutes of repetition of applications, but nothing terrible will happen if you spend 30 minutes on a session, unless, of course, you do not mind your time. In general, the duration of a session of repetition of affirmations depends on the number of statements. Therefore, it is natural that working with several affirmations takes more time, and very little time is required to work with one statement. I believe that one statement, or two - three statements on one topic, should take at least 5 minutes at a time.

How many times a day need to repeat affirmations?

The most suitable time for the repetition of affirmations is earlier in the morning immediately after waking up and late at night, just before going to bed. Thus, if you repeat your affirmations in the mornings and evenings, it will be enough to bring you closer to your goal. Nevertheless, if you use affirmations a few minutes during lunch, this will increase the effectiveness of your practice and will be an additional push that brings you closer to your goal.

How long does it take to practice the repetition of affirmations to achieve results?

Repeat affirmations to achieve one or another result until you achieve this result. Try, however, from time to time to assess whether your practice brings results. If you think that the statements do not help you, or if your movement towards your goal is too slow, try using other statements, without forgetting, however, to revise your plan to achieve this goal and evaluate the efforts made.

How do you know that affirmations work?

The practice of affirmations can be considered effective if it forces you to take real steps toward your goal, if it helps you to think positively of your goal, and also maintain your belief that you have the abilities necessary to achieve this goal. If the affirmation does not do this, try to follow the recommendations for the repetition of affirmations or change the affirmation, if it does not help, try to reconsider your goals.

Why does this affirmation not help me?

Perhaps the reason is that the images in your head do not match what you say. Someone represents wealth as a great blessing, without thinking about whether he has enough money to live as he wants. Another person can imagine in his head a negative image of people who have dishonestly earned their money. The third person will connect wealth with the risk of losing it. Choose the right goals or reconsider your beliefs.

From time to time I will update the article and add new answers. In the section "Affirmations" you will find comprehensive information on how to make and how to use affirmations, how they work and about many other things that will help increase the effectiveness of your practice of repetition of statements.

© Oleg Akvan

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