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How Positive Affirmations Work?

How Positive Affirmations WorkMuch in our world originates in thoughts: everyday objects, houses, cars, airplanes, anything created by man, everything that you see around you, except for the creations of nature. It seems to me the unshakable truth that a person's thought is ahead of any of his creations, no matter how simple this creation was. Before we do something, we think, create an image in our head, plan, calculate, and only then we begin to embody our idea in life. So first thought, and only then - things. Positive affirmation is also a thought, but the thought is special. In the entire process of creation, from the idea to the result, the positive affirmations act as a battery of thought. A very important battery, without which it is difficult for some of us to achieve our goals. In this article I will tell you how positive statements work, how they contribute to the realization of our desires.

What is thought? A barely noticeable electrical signal, a spiderweb passing through the cells of our brain. Thought about something, digressed, and forgotten. Desire is also a kind of thought. Burned with desire, dreamed and put off until better times. Then has remembered, dreamed again, and again forgot. Dreams are postponed, and time goes by. Sometimes we grab the thought, think it over well, and even draw up a plan.Then another step, and here it is a victory. As simply in words, but someone and in fact just turns out. And what to do to those who have not been taught since childhood to achieve big goals and for nothing, and under any circumstances not to forget about their dreams? This is where affirmations come to the aid. They, as accumulators of thoughts, help us to concentrate all our attention on what we want to achieve. Repeating our positive affirmations many times, we contribute to the transformation of the electrical signal in our brain into a vast network of thoughts revolving around our desire. This, in turn, allows us to remember our goal more frequently and make the necessary decisions to achieve it.

Considering the question of how positive affirmations work, it is impossible not to mention the motivating factor. Bright images of the realized dream, which we create in our brain during the repetition of positive statements, make us sincerely want to achieve it. To understand how this works, we need to address the nature of motivation. Motivation, as you know, is one of the main conditions for achieving success, it is the fuel for the work of our will in an autonomous mode, without which, we would be compelled to constantly ask ourselves the question "Why do I need this?". In rare cases, we do not ask ourselves what we want something for, it just pulls us to it. As, for example, if we want to drink a cup of coffee, we go to the kitchen, prepare coffee, and drink. Subconsciously, we already know what benefit we will get from this cup of coffee, do not reflect on the benefits. But, again, it does not happen with all desires, most of them require additional motivation. Again, positive affirmations help us here. Repeating their positive affirmations according to all the rules, namely accompanying them with visualization and regularly returning to their repetition, we give ourselves an answer to this most important question for the achievement of the goal: "Why?".

And, finally, I would like to note the role of the "creative power of thought", which makes it possible to involve in our life those things and circumstances that, without the participation of this force, could appear in our life only as a result of great randomness. It seems improbable that the repetition of positive statements can influence the outcome of events beyond the direct control of a person, but this circumstance has a place to be. Many people practicing the repetition of positive statements note that together with the practice of repeating positive statements, real miracles begin to occur in their lives, and the circumstances and events, as if by magic, are built in such a way that it is easier for them to achieve their goal. How does this happen? How can thought affect matter? Consciousness is primary in relation to solid matter, and the thought, this invisible energy for the eyes, is the building material of everything that was, is and will be in the universe. More on this you will learn from the article "Affirmations and the power of thought."

Affirmations, in my opinion, are nothing more than an auxiliary tool in achieving goals and fulfilling desires. They can not free you from the difficult and perhaps even exhausting work necessary to achieve their own good or for the benefit of others. They will not relieve you from the need to make plans, to leave your own comfort zone, to monitor the opportunities that are emerging on the horizon, and to take practical steps towards your goal. And no, they can not change the world without you. As mentioned above, they only help you remember your goal, give you an answer to the question of why you need it, and, perhaps, if you are inclined to believe in subtle matter, adjust the surrounding reality to your soonest approach to the goal. Whether you like it or not, positive affirmations work. You just have to decide whether you will allow yourself to enlist support of affirmations or not. Good luck to you and all the best!

© Oleg Akvan

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