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Longevity Affirmations

Affirmations can do real miracles: with them we can attract money, things, relationships, health, almost anything. Using positive statements is effective in a large number of cases. All this can be seen in the example of one’s own life - sooner or later affirmations work out, giving us confidence that this is really an effective practice. But when it comes to prolonging human life, everything is not so straightforward. We cannot track the process and be 100% sure that affirmations contribute to the extension of our lives. However, combining the practice of repeating affirmations for longevity with other means and methods of prolonging life, we automatically approximate the result. Here you will find several affirmations for longevity that will help you slow down the aging process, maintain health and energy at a high level.

Affirmations for Longevity (Affirmations for Prolonging Life, Affirmations for Slowing Down Aging):

  1. My body is designed for many years of active life.
  2. In my body there are processes that contribute to the preservation of physical and mental health over the long years of life.
  3. With age, my body remains young, healthy, and strong.
  4. The cells of my body retain their structure, composition, and ability to share at the same level with age.
  5. All the systems and organs of my body continue to function normally even at a respectable age.
  6. With age, the skin of my face and body retains elasticity, firmness, and smoothness.
  7. I look and feel young and energetic despite my age.
  8. With age, I have more and more strength and energy to implement my plans.
  9. My body is able to use hidden powers and reserves to preserve the youth of my body.
  10. Along with the wisdom that comes with age, strength, and energy awaken in me to achieve the greatest success in my life.

Creating your own affirmations for longevity, try not to use the word “aging”, so as not to focus on the problem of aging. In addition, as mentioned above, in order for affirmations for longevity to work in full force, you need to combine this practice with other methods of prolonging life. This means: eat healthy food, protecting the health of your body and mind, taking care of yourself, do not allow yourself excessive loads, and so on. You can learn more about longevity from other articles on I wish you health and all the best!

© Oleg Akvan

Main / Affirmations / Longevity Affirmations

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