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How to Apply Positive Affirmations?

Probably, you already know that affirmations are positive statements repeated on a regular basis to achievement desired result. Probably, you also know the rules of positive affirmation and what recommendations should be followed when drafting them. I talked about all this in previous articles, and if you have not already read them, I recommend going back to the "Affirmations" section and clicking on the appropriate links. Learning to write positive statements, you have done a great job, but this may not be enough, at least to ensure that your affirmations are working in full force. Of course, you can repeat the statement of your desire all day long, waiting for the result, and maybe even this result will not keep you waiting, although another option is possible, in which you, from too much waiting simply lose faith in the power of affirmations. How to know? In order for the affirmations to begin to approach you to the goal with the greatest efficiency, study the rules for applying or repeating the positive claims that appear below.

How to Use Positive Affirmations?1

Invest in the process of repetition of your feelings. It means that you should feel a slight excitement from what you achieve or achieved the desired result. Imagine, what will you feel when this happens in reality? You are already there, what do you feel, see, hear? Create in your head a dynamic image of the fulfillment of your dreams, not necessarily in all details, but a colorful, realistic picture. Realize also, how much is the desired result joyful for you? Are you experiencing joy? Are you happy, really, really happy? Could thoughts of this make you move and act? If it charges you with energy, then you are going in the right direction, if not, then it's time for you to reflect on the correspondence of your desire with your true spiritual, mental, or emotional needs.

Repeat your statements again and again. The purpose of repeated repetition of affirmations is to get you to create in your head a vivid image, a live picture of desire that becomes reality or already achieved desire. Thus, you force your mind to believe in the possibility of achievements your desire and give yourself the strength to achieve what you have conceived. This is especially important if you, by repeating positive affirmations, want to change your beliefs. It is logical to assume that the more often you repeat your positive statements, the sooner the result will come, it may be so, but in no case do not turn this process into a routine, you should pay more attention not to the number of repetitions, but to quality. Devote to repeating your "magic" phrases from 15 to 20 minutes in the morning after awakening and in the evening before going to bed, this will be quite enough. The rest of the time, try to pay attention to the practical side of achieving your goal.

The technique of repetition of affirmations does not require any special skills. All you have to do is repeat the statements you have made about yourself or out loud, clearly and expressively, fully aware of what you are doing at the moment. You can even read them if you want. The main thing is to follow the rules listed above. The place and time in which you will repeat you're positive claims, choose independently, however it is recommended to do this only there, and only when and where no one will distract you from this process. Additional recommendations for the repetition of affirmations can be found in the relevant article of our website, in the section "Affirmations". Good luck to you!

1 The "use of affirmations" and the "repetition of affirmations", here - synonyms.
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Main / Affirmations / How to Apply Positive Affirmations?

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