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Effective Affirmations for Lucid Dreaming

Being aware of yourself in a dream is one of the most amazing adventures you can have. After awakening inside a dream, you can travel to the most remote corners of not only your planet, but also the universe, and even parallel worlds. While in a dream, you find that your possibilities no longer have boundaries, so you can fly, swim and breathe deep under water, rush at the speed of light to other worlds, meet historical figures and amazing animals. In the world of dreams, you can do anything. But getting there, as practice shows, is quite difficult, even experienced dreamers do not always manage to realize themselves in a dream. However, there are techniques that increase the likelihood of this experience, one such technique is repeating affirmations to become aware of yourself in a dream.

Lucid Dreaming Affirmations (Affirmations for Lucid Dreams):

  • Every night I have several vivid dreams while I sleep.
  • I have vivid, colorful dreams, with many interesting events and characters.
  • I remember my dreams very well in every detail.
  • I like being aware of myself in a dream and changing the dream world the way I want it.
  • I can be aware of myself in a dream, it's really great.
  • I can easily distinguish reality from dreaming.
  • I have vivid, long-lasting and dynamic dreams.
  • Being aware of myself in a dream, I can change the events taking place in it at will.
  • My dreams are stable, events in it replace each other evenly.
  • I can control myself in my sleep as well as in reality.
  • My level of awareness is growing every day.
  • I can easily control my emotions while dreaming.
  • I am able to direct the flow of my dream in the direction I need.
  • My subconscious mind helps me become aware of myself when the dream begins.
  • I usually have good dreams, with positive-minded characters.
  • Already today I have every opportunity to become conscious in a dream.

What is a dream: a figment of our imagination or a journey of our consciousness through the endless ocean of parallel universes, in which laws completely different from ours operate? I will not give you an exact answer to this question, and I don’t think that anyone else can do it except yourself, just as no one except you will answer the question why you should be aware of yourself in a dream at all. We live in a mysterious world, it is much more stable than our dreams, there are not much less unsolved mysteries and amazing things in it than in our dreams. But, nevertheless, we should not deprive ourselves of the pleasure of having at our disposal a few extra minutes of life in wonderful worlds of dreams that we usually do not notice. Learn to be aware of yourself in a dream with the help of affirmations, and find out what benefits you can get from lucid dreaming, and then use this knowledge in practice, and soon you will see how much brighter and more interesting your life has become. But remember, dreams are only dreams, real life is always more interesting and brighter.

© Oleg Akvan

Main / Affirmations / Effective Affirmations for Lucid Dreaming

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