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Examples of Effective Affirmations With Analysis

Making statements is not particularly difficult. The main thing is to follow certain rules, and then you can do it yourself. One of the main points that you should keep in mind is that: statements are not just an expression of your desire, it is a confirmation of your desire in the present tense, as if it has already been fulfilled. Your goal is to make your brain believe that your desire has already been fulfilled or is in the process of implementation. Repeat your statements aloud or mentally on a regular basis, and you will begin to get noticeable results. In this article, we will look at several examples of effective and inefficient statements, and we will analyze what mistakes were made when creating affirmations.

What distinguishes effective affirmations from ineffective ones?

Effective affirmations are faster and more reliable than ineffective ones. They allow you in a short time to change your beliefs about a specific problem or introduce a certain setting in the subconscious. The higher the efficiency of utterances, the easier they penetrate into your subconscious and the sooner they begin the creation processes.

Let's look at and take a look at a few examples:

"I'm already rich" - it's good to say that the statement was made correctly. This is the assertion of your wealth in the present tense. Brief and clear. But, it seems, there is something missing. It is tasteless: the application has no emotional color.

"I am a dollar millionaire" - there is a specifics here, the subconscious knows what you want, and it's very easy for you to imagine the final result achieved. Although, this statement has no emotional color.

"Hurray, I became a millionaire dollar" - there is also an emotional color and features. The subconscious mind will accept this statement more easily.

Consider also affirmations for losing weight - a burning question for most women and some men who want to lose a few extra pounds:

"I have a slender body" - the statement, in principle, is correct, there is a specificity, but there is no emotional color.

"I have a beautiful slim body" - even more specifically, and a little more emotionally. But even this statement can be improved.

"I'm delighted with my beautiful slim body" - this affirmation looks more attractive, at least for the subconscious. And everything that we did - added emotions to it.

Examples of effective affirmations:

  • "I really like my new high-paying job."

  • "I feel great in my healthy body."

  • "I get acquainted with other people with great ease."

  • "I have wonderful loving and sincere relations with my soul mate."

  • "I like my comfortable and spacious house on the beach."

  • "I have a great mood today."

  • "I feel so easy in the company of other people."

  • "Fate constantly presents me with the most pleasant surprises."

  • "I'm surprised at how fast my financial situation is growing."

  • "My walk is light and full of grace, I like how I walk."

Here are a few examples, but based on them you can easily create your own effective affirmations. Do not be afraid if the first statements you make are not very attractive, if you adhere to the basic rules of writing applications, they will still work. See you soon at

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Main / Affirmations / Examples of Effective Affirmations With Analysis

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