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What are the Benefits of Positive Statements?

Affirmations or positive statements are repeated to achieve a certain result in almost all spheres of life, from improving one's own personality, solving internal problems and even eliminating problems in the family or community. It is noteworthy that in the process of their repetition, a person influences not only the subconscious and, as a result, the results of his actions, but also directly on the surrounding reality, but the latter can only be explained within the framework of metaphysics. Whatever you dream, about love, about wealth, strength, minds or self-confidence, success in work or communication with others, positive statements made by you personally or found in books and on the Internet can help you. Millions of people around the world are convinced that affirmations do work. They will work in your case, if, of course, you allow yourself to believe and begin to apply them in your life.

What Gives Regular Use of Affirmations:

Change of beliefs. The greatest effectiveness of assertions is manifested in the elimination of negativity and the introduction of positive beliefs in the subconscious. For example, repeating the positive statement: "Luck is always with me", "I was lucky" and other similar statements, negative belief: "I'm a failure", we can create a conviction: "I am a successful person". Some beliefs, especially those that are deeply embedded in the subconscious, can resist such practices, it is better to use more powerful methods to work with them.

Development of personal characteristics. Similarly, you can change your personal qualities. So, regularly repeating the formula: "Every day my self-confidence grows", soon you will begin to find confirmation of this circumstance in your life. You will notice that you are less concerned about your previous problems with disbelief. Similarly, you can influence other aspects of your personality. The main thing is that you must firmly believe that the practice of repeating positive statements leads you to achieve the desired result, in addition, you must act as if you have already become a new person.

Attracting money. Repeating the simplest phrase: "I always have money," we encourage the preservation and multiplication of money in our wallets, in addition, we eliminate the nonsense costs that previously destroyed our savings. This is one of the main advantages of repeating the applications that you can get. Just be careful and remember that in addition to repeating positive statements, you must demonstrate in practice your ability to wisely manage money.

Attracting love. Most people who are not in a relationship, dream to meet their half, fall in love and be loved, but something constantly hinders them. If these barriers were not created by you, these affirmations can help you: "Everything in the universe is built in such a way that I can meet my love" or "I am ready to meet my love," etc. If the cause of loneliness is the fear of serious relationships , you must, first, work on yourself.

The attraction of material wealth. For many of you, this seems too naive, but affirmations are used with considerable success to attract such material benefits as a new computer, a car and even an apartment or house. It is not necessary to think that the Universe or God will give them to you, it's not entirely true. But, repeating even the simplest phrases about the fulfillment of your desire, you force yourself not only to concentrate on the object of desire, but also to think in this direction and act.

Improving health. Health is an extremely topical issue for millions of people from all over the world, especially those who experience malaise. And again, affirmations come to the rescue. There is an opinion that their repetition contributes to the awakening of hidden reserves of the body and the launch of the healing process. But do not rush, to rely only on the repetition of positive statements, as a medicine, is not a good idea, because it can not guarantee the result. It is best if, in addition to this practice, you start to lead a healthy lifestyle and will regularly undergo examination at the medical center.

Increased motivation. Overcoming laziness and increasing one's own motivation is one of the most popular areas of self-development, where assertions can also be successfully applied. So, for example, regularly repeating the phrase: "I am full of energy and strength to achieve my goal," you know how to find the strength to move forward. To increase efficiency, you need to make your own positive statements that would fit your situation.

Improving relations. It happens that we can not understand another person. Sometimes we quarrel over trifles. Sometimes it is difficult for us to support our point of view. Sometimes it's just difficult with other people. Affirmations can help in solving these and many other problems in the relationship, however, no matter how hard you try, you can not change other people. Remember this when writing your own positive statements about improving relations. It is better to use the statement: "I easily find mutual understanding with other people" than: "My colleagues began to treat me better." Just change yourself, and then the world around you will change.

Enhance your mood. The influence on one's own mood is one of those topics that require in-depth study. You can not just change your mood with just one phrase, unless, of course, the desired state has been assigned to this phrase using NLP methods. However, if positive, inspirational and inspirational phrases are repeated regularly and repeated from the heart, it can improve mood and maintain it at a high level, even without using complex techniques.

Come up through the ranks In this direction, too many traps for your vanity. Of course, you can repeat the correctly formulated statement: "I was promoted," but this is unlikely to be enough, and you yourself believe it? Better: "I'm completely ready for promotion to the position of senior manager" or: "I developed all the qualities necessary to work as a senior manager."

What are you dreaming about? A big house with a flowering garden? About your own car? About great and true love? About creating a family? Can it be about financial independence or about the prosperity of your business? Regardless of your desire, set a goal, draw up a sufficiently detailed plan for its achievement and boldly go on the road, from time to time repeating affirmations for the speedy fulfillment of your desires. And it does not matter how their repetition will bring you closer to the goal, with the help of the law of attraction or the subsequent concentration on your goal, most importantly, try to listen to your intuition and follow the opportunities as they arise. Good luck to you and let all your brightest dreams come true!

© Oleg Akvan

Main / Affirmations / What are the Benefits of Positive Statements?

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