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Positive Affirmations to Stop Drinking

Alcohol addiction can be called one of the most pernicious and insidious addictions of the modern world. A person often does not realize that he is under the influence of this drug, and considers any desire to drink as his own. He is convinced that moderate amounts of alcohol do no harm, and that the “pleasure” he receives from drinking alcohol has nothing to do with brain damage. This is a big mistake, since ethyl alcohol, which is the main component of alcoholic beverages, is considered a psychoactive substance that inhibits the central nervous system. Of course, in small amounts, alcohol does not do so much harm to the body. Alcohol consumption becomes a problem when a person ceases to control himself and begins to drink at every opportunity - more often than once a week and in large quantities. In this case, someone should help him stop and take measures to eliminate his addiction. In this article you will find several positive affirmations that will help you cope with alcohol addiction.

Affirmations to Stop Drinking (Affirmations to Get Rid of Alcohol Addiction):

  • I dealt with alcohol addiction. I have power over myself and can guide my thoughts and actions.
  • I control my life and prefer to be sober always and in everything.
  • My body is the temple of my soul, and I prefer to keep it clean.
  • Now I see how much I was mistaken when I was craving for alcohol.
  • All my future life I want to look at the world with sober eyes.
  • If something happens contrary to my desire, I can only deal with it in positive ways.
  • Even on holidays, when everyone drinks, I easily refuse offers to drink.
  • I can easily cope with my thoughts about drinking.
  • I know that my decision to lead a healthy lifestyle opens the door to true happiness and joy.
  • I choose a life free of alcohol.
  • I am absolutely healthy, full of energy and strength, and freed from negative addictions.
  • If I see people drinking, the only thought that comes to my mind is “how do I pity you.”
  • I can resist and defeat my alcohol addiction.
  • I can again fill my life with a sense of joy and freedom.
  • I refuse to live in a lie. Craving for alcohol is a fallacy. I am honest with myself.
  • I'm so happy how cool it is to be free from alcohol addiction.
  • Every day brings me only joy.
  • I look indifferently at the counters with alcoholic drinks and just pass by.

Keep in mind that affirmations cannot make you stop drinking. This can only be done by you, which, in fact, is also true for any other addiction. You can quit drinking with the help of affirmations only if you have a sincere desire to get rid of this bad habit. I wish you success and good health!

© Oleg Akvan

Main / Affirmations / Positive Affirmations to Stop Drinking

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