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Affirmations for Good Luck

Having good luck means constantly getting pleasant surprises from life. A fortunate person, by a happy coincidence, always finds himself at the right time and in the right place, he is promoted faster in the service, he wins the lottery, he meets the right people everywhere, he quickly finds his soul mate. He is almost always lucky, and when he is not lucky, he simply does not pay attention to it, because he knows that a surprise will await him again at the next turn in his life`s journey. No doubt good luck is great. And if you want to become even a little bit luckier than you are, you need to start applying affirmations for good luck . In this article you will find several effective affirmations for attracting good luck, repeating which on a regular basis you will begin to notice that you are luckier and luckier.

What is good luck and can it be attracted?

Good luck seems to be a completely unpredictable thing. This is especially noticeable, for example, when playing cards or dice. For several games in a row, you may get bad cards or bad numbers, and all you have to do is rely on fate. On the other hand, at the same time, your opponent in the game can get one trump card in his hands or get the numbers he needs on the dice. I am not a supporter of gambling, but it is at gambling that one can observe how luck works. Why is one person more successful than another? Or, why can one and the same person be more successful than another on an ongoing basis? I managed to find that luck largely depends on a person`s inner mood, on the conviction of his luck, as well as on some state of detachment and a complete lack of fear of losing. And if this is true, then good luck can be attracted. All you need is to change your beliefs about your luck, achieve a certain inner state, and begin to enjoy the surprises that life presents. And as an option, you can try to become more successful by repeating affirmations for good luck.

Is it possible to attract good luck through affirmations?

Well, now let`s move on to the main question: is it possible to attract good luck with the help of affirmations? I think this is more than possible. With the help of affirmations, you can change your beliefs and achieve a certain state that will help create situations and circumstances in your life that you would consider a gift of fortune. Of course, many factors that affect our luck are a big secret for me and will not be covered in this article, however, beliefs about your luck play a big role. Changing them, you will certainly change your destiny, and therefore, I suggest that you begin to do this immediately. The affirmations to attract good luck, which you will see below, will help you change your beliefs about your own luck and will make you at least a little bit more successful person.

Affirmations for Good Luck (Affirmations to Attract Good Luck):

  1. I am starting to notice that good luck accompanies me in many life situations.
  2. I can easily emerge victorious from the most difficult situations.
  3. I am a lucky person, I have good luck all the time.
  4. I am always at the right time and place.
  5. All good things come to me easily and effortlessly.
  6. My good luck surprises me, I`m a really lucky one.
  7. I am a lucky person and I like that fortune favors me.
  8. Every day I get pleasant surprises from life.
  9. I count on my good luck, and it accompanies me at every moment of my life.
  10. The Universe itself helps me on my life journey.
  11. In all my affairs I have good luck and success.
  12. I am open to opportunities and gladly accept them when they appear
  13. I live in a world of plenty where everything is enough for everyone.
  14. My good luck favors me in all situations of life.
  15. Everywhere I go, good luck awaits me.

Affirmations of good luck can make you a more successful person, but you need to repeat them on a regular basis, day after day until you are sure that you are actually becoming more fortunate. In addition to repeating affirmations to attract good luck, you should develop your level of awareness, since only by starting to pay attention to the events happening around you, you will begin to receive confirmation of your luck. Good luck!

© Oleg Akvan

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