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Affirmations for Healing

The purpose of repeating affirmations for healing is to accelerate wound healing, get rid of chronic diseases or relieve symptoms, speed up recovery from infectious diseases and improve human health in general. Repeating affirmations for healing, it is recommended to present in your head pictures of either the gradual restoration of the work of your organs, or the process of healing your body at the cellular level. It is advisable that you have an idea of ​​how healthy organs, cells and tissues of the human body look, this will make the visualized images more realistic, and the healing process more effective. Repeat the statements about your healing expressively and clearly, either aloud or to yourself with an unshakable faith that your actions lead to results and healing processes occur in your body.

Affirmations for Healing:

  1. The tissues and organs of my body are quickly restored.
  2. My body is healed of wounds and cuts and comes to a normal state.
  3. My immunity is enhanced to effectively fight the infection.
  4. Right now, all the systems and organs of my body are being healed.
  5. My body can easily cope with the infection.
  6. Every cell of my body is filled with vitality and is healed.
  7. Healing energy permeates my body and heals my wounds.
  8. Healing processes are actively taking place in my body.
  9. All the systems and organs of my body are actively involved in the healing process.
  10. My body is healed.
  11. My body has all the necessary resources for self-healing.
  12. I am starting the healing process of my body.
  13. My body is healed.
  14. The cells in my immune system are effectively fighting the infection.
  15. Every day I feel better and better.
  16. My well-being is improving day by day.
  17. I feel like I'm feeling better every day.
  18. My body is healed and cleansed.
  19. I notice how quickly my body heals.
  20. I'm starting to feel like a healthy person.

Before you begin to apply affirmations, remember that this is only an auxiliary practice, which should be combined with modern methods of treatment. Make your own affirmations for healing and repeat them on a regular basis immediately after waking up and before going to bed, as well as at any other time of the day. Try to invest in your affirmations your faith in their effectiveness. Believe that you are on the path to healing, and that healing is happening right now. I wish you health and well-being!

© Oleg Akvan

Main / Affirmations / Affirmations for Healing

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