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Magic Collection of Money Affirmations: Theory and Practice

People often go out of their way to make more money. They sacrifice their time, make more efforts, meditate, visualize, repeat positive affirmations, use conspiracies and spells, follow the most ridiculous beliefs, and so on and so forth. But, despite all the "tricks", the result, for some reason, keeps itself waiting. Why? Want one little secret? In fact, the process of making money should be fun and easy so that the money itself strives to become your faithful servant, which also means that you should not pay too much attention to money. Just start doing things that make you happier and benefit other people, and you will find that the money themselves want to fall into your hands. The repetition of money affirmations, visualization and meditation will help you in creating your wealth.

Affirmations for money, what is it?

What are money affirmations and what can they give you? Money affirmations are positive statements that state that you already have the money in the quantity you need. That is, it is a statement of your wealth in the present tense. Their purpose is not only to influence reality through the power of thought, but also to change your beliefs about money. Take a look at a few simple examples of money affirmations:

A brief analysis of popular affirmations for money:

  • 1. Money comes to me easily and effortlessly – The purpose of this money affirmation is to make you believe that the process of making money seems to you an easy task. However, having convinced yourself of this, you will begin to find confirmation of your new belief in real life.
  • 2. I love money, and money love me – they really cannot love money, but does it matter to us? We create a mental image of mutual attraction on our part to money and on the part of money to us, and we get results.
  • 3. Money from a wide variety of sources rush into my hands - you create the prerequisites for creating in your life circumstances and situations that make you richer. For example, you can find money, you can get a job offer, you can sell a thing with profit for yourself and so on.
  • 4. I'm a real money magnet – one of the most popular affirmations for money, its goal is to make you a center of attraction for the energy of money and, in fact, the money itself. Repeating it, you should imagine yourself as a powerful magnet, attracting money to itself.
  • 5. I'm starting to notice that the money themselves want to fall into my hands – this affirmation for money is another way to convince you that money themselves find a way to be in your hands, almost regardless of the magnitude of your efforts.
  • 6. I deserve a lot of money – the purpose of repeating this affirmation is to make you believe that you have every right to possess large amounts of money and dispose of them at your discretion. The fact is that many people convince themselves that big money is not for them, that they need to be content with little and learn to be happy without money.
  • 7. I am worthy to lead a rich and fulfilling life – the same thing, you convince yourself that you are worthy of wealth, that every person on this earth is equally worthy of wealth. Bring your beliefs in line with this money affirmation and enjoy the result.

How to apply affirmations for money?

One of the secrets of the correct use of affirmations for money is to choose such affirmations for attracting money that are most in harmony with your personality, that is, those that cause you more emotions during repetition. The second secret, which, in essence, is not a secret, is the regularity of repetition. You can learn more about the proper use of money affirmations from other articles on our site.

Money affirmations:

  • I love money and attract it to me.
  • I value the money for the things they give me.
  • I love money, and money love me.
  • I appreciate examples of abundance in my life.
  • I can be as rich as I want.
  • Today promises me joy and abundance.
  • I think positively about money and abundance.
  • I welcome financial freedom.
  • My financial situation is improving every day.
  • I always have enough money.
  • All the money I spend helps other people and comes back to me in multiplied amounts.
  • It's good to have money.
  • I like it when I have a lot of money.
  • I choose good feelings about money.
  • Financial opportunities await me at every corner.
  • I let money flow to me.
  • I am free from all limiting thoughts.
  • I am open to receive money.
  • I invite more and more money into my life every day.
  • I feel comfortable having large sums of money.
  • Feeling of joy is a great way to attract money.
  • I always pay attention to the abundance around me.
  • I deserve to have a lot of money.
  • I always have money and I can afford anything I want.
  • I love spending money, I can afford it.
  • I accept wealth and abundance in my life.
  • I always have everything I need and more.
  • I always have more than enough money.
  • The attraction of money becomes funny if I relax and if I let it be.
  • I like spending money on what I love.
  • When I spend money, I help others also create wealth.
  • I love getting discounts.
  • I am generous to myself and other people.
  • I believe that money is flowing to me right now.
  • I feel that my well-being is growing every day.
  • I love the freedom that money gives me.
  • I am freed from fears and doubts about money.
  • Money allows me to do good in the world.
  • The universe can deliver me everything I ask.
  • Money always comes to me at the perfect time.
  • I feel that more and more money comes to me with ease.
  • Financial resources are eager to come to me.
  • There are only those boundaries that I set before myself.
  • Money comes to me in every possible way.
  • Money comes to me in funny and amazing ways.
  • I know that financial freedom is my right.
  • The universe is the greatest source of abundance that flows like a river to me.
  • The universe has everything I need.
  • All that I ask of the Universe, I receive.
  • My inner guidance leads me to prosperity.
  • I like to win money in the lottery.
  • I am grateful for all the money that comes to me easily and effortlessly.
  • I am grateful for the opportunity to attract money.
  • Day after day my faith in abundance grows.
  • I believe that abundance comes into my life.

The affirmations presented here can help you change your beliefs about money and activate in your world an endless field of opportunities from which you can start to extract money in any quantity you need. Choose your favorite affirmations to attract money and start applying them on a regular basis. Well, do not forget to wait for the result. By the way, one of my next articles I will tell you what obstacles you can face in attracting money and how you can overcome them. I wish you successes, happiness and wealth, you deserve it!

© Oleg Akvan

Main / Affirmations / Magic Collection of Money Affirmations: Theory and Practice

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