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Affirmations for Parents

Being a parent is one of the most difficult, responsible, and at the same time interesting human missions. Children are our continuation, our flesh and blood, they are those who will remain on our planet after we are gone, they will become a continuation for the next generation, and that, in turn, for the next. Undoubtedly, a rare parent does not feel love for his children, and a rare parent is able to leave his child. Children - often are a source of meaning for our lives, at least until they become adults. But what if parental responsibility begins to put pressure on you or you are tired of the constant noise, mess and pranks from your children? What if you find it increasingly difficult to cope with your parental responsibilities and you fall into a real depression from this? How to learn to be a good parent? Affirmations for parents will help you - they are aimed at returning the joy experienced from parenthood.

Affirmations for Parents:

  • My child is my flesh and blood, a particle of my heart and my soul.
  • I instill discipline and virtue in my child through play and the development of understanding.
  • I learn to be a loving parent and to treat any childish pranks with understanding.
  • I am the happiest parent (dad, mom) in the world.
  • I enjoy the opportunity to be the parent of the most beautiful children in the world.
  • I love and respect my child unconditionally.
  • I like to take parental responsibility, it makes me stronger in the face of circumstances.
  • I have enough strength and calm to cope with any challenges related to raising children.
  • I am calm about the mistakes of my children.
  • I do my best so that my children can become good people.
  • I develop myself as a parent, learn new parenting technologies in order to raise my children correctly.
  • I try to create a rich and diverse environment for my children.
  • I care about the needs of my children and try to provide them with a happy childhood.
  • I am always attentive to the aspirations of my children.
  • I respect the right of the child to express his own personality.
  • I help my child in finding himself and in manifesting himself as a person.
  • I contribute to the development of the talents and abilities of my children.
  • I am calm about the misconduct of my children and easily select the keys to change their behavior.
  • I know that one day the children will "fly out of the nest", and calmly accept this idea.
  • I am a good parent and at the same time I remember my own life.

To better understand what your children need to be happy, remember that once you yourself were children, just as cheerful, curious, energetic and, at the same time, defenseless. Take care of your children, try to make their childhood as happy as possible, try to instill confidence and strength in them to accept the challenges of adulthood. I wish you success, and let warmth and comfort reign in your house!

© Oleg Akvan

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