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Affirmations and the Power of Thought

To understand how statements and the power of thought are related, I recall that affirmations are positive statements that are repeated on a regular basis to achieve a certain result. "Every day I become more confident," we say again and again, forcing ourselves to believe that this quality is present in us and that every day it develops and becomes stronger. "I easily find a way out of the most difficult situations" - we convince ourselves and try to believe that this statement is true. Whatever statement we repeat, if we do it correctly, we will create in our consciousness an image of conscious desire. We imagine that we have become more self-confident, smarter, slimmer or richer. With great enthusiasm, we continue to repeat statements and build in our thoughts images of a beautiful future. As a result: in the process of realizing the desire comes the creative power of thought.

Supporters of the movement The new thought believes that our thoughts carry a charge of energy. Emerging in our head, they do not disappear without a trace, but are radiated outward and affect the reality surrounding us. As it happens, it is not exactly known, however, subjective experience (personal experience of people) shows that this effect takes place. We are thinking about a new job, we think that we are sitting in a spacious office or we go shopping in a modern machine-building plant, day by day we feed our thoughts with such positive thoughts and soon find out that they are starting work. We receive proposals for a new job or draw attention to the announcement of a set for refresher courses with the possibility of finding work at the end of training. We see events that somehow bring us closer to our cherished goal. It may seem incredible to you, but even the most fantastic thoughts become a reality, if only you reflect on your goal in the present tense and with the sincere certainty that it is possible.

It would seem that everything is simple: it is enough to start thinking positively, to imagine several times that your desire is already being realized, and it will come true, as if by magic. But in fact, many of us just do it. We lie on the couch and imagine ourselves to be successful, rich, loved - only this does not change anything. What for? In order for something to happen, we need a job - the work is internal and external.

We will talk about external work in other articles, in particular, in articles on achieving goals, external planning of work and realizing real steps. Every event must have a reason, in this world we live, and this must be taken into account. For something that you really want to achieve in your life, you need to make an effort. Without your actions, the changes will occur independently of you, but will they be the way you would like them to be?

Speaking of internal work, I mean the regular visualization of their desires, as if they have already become a reality. Dreaming on the couch is difficult to call internal work, because in most cases this is just a way to avoid reality. Often the dreamer in his thoughts leaves the object of his desire so much that after a while he already thinks about something else.

Internal work is a process in which you again and again return your thoughts to the object of your desire. Therefore, we must resort to tools that remind us of the goal. One such tool is approval. They do a good job with a purpose. Repeating positive statements, we pay attention to the object of our desire and consciously or unconsciously build its image in our imagination. The more often we resort to the practice of repeating statements, the more often we think about our goal in a positive way, and the more energy our thoughts become. The same thoughts about the achieved goal accumulate somewhere in the universe and cause the processes of creating our desire in reality. This, in general, that's all. I wish you success!

© Oleg Akvan

Main / Affirmations / Affirmations and the Power of Thought

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