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Affirmations to Improve Your Immunity

The immune system is the defense system of our body that prevents harmful microorganisms - bacteria, viruses, fungi and others - from penetrating and multiplying in our body. And our health and well-being depend on how effectively the immune system copes with its task, therefore it is important to maintain immunity at a high level. There are many ways to enhance immunity, one of them, albeit not so obvious, but quite effective, is to repeat affirmations for immunity.

Affirmations to Boost Your Immune Sistem:

  • I have good (excellent, wonderful) immunity.
  • The immune system of my body quickly copes with infectious threats.
  • My immune system easily copes with harmful microorganisms.
  • My immunity reliably protects me from infections.
  • Day and night, my immunity steadfastly guards my health.
  • My immune system quickly detects and removes the threat.
  • My immunity is able to cope with any viruses, bacteria and fungi.
  • My immune system detects and eliminates any threats to my health.
  • My immunity is able to quickly detect and eliminate internal threats.
  • Every cell of my body is under the watchful eye of my immune system.
  • My immunity does an excellent job with all the tasks it faces.
  • My body's immune system works like a well-coordinated mechanism.
  • My immune system quickly copes with harmful microorganisms.
  • My skin, together with my immune system, blocks the path of any germs.
  • My digestive system is under the strong protection of my immunity.
  • My lungs are well protected by my immune system.
  • My lifestyle helps to strengthen my immune system.
  • I choose healthy food for my immune system to be stronger.
  • My immunity is getting stronger every day.
  • Every day my immune system learns to cope with harmful germs.

The effect of affirmations for immunity is based on the so-called placebo effect, when with the help of your beliefs and thoughts you influence the physiological processes in your body. You can learn more about the placebo effect from other articles, but now I propose to take another look at the list of affirmations to enhance immunity, choose up to 5 affirmations that you like the most, and include them in your regular practice of repeating affirmations. I wish you success and good health!

© Oleg Akvan

Main / Affirmations / Affirmations to Improve Your Immunity

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