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Affirmations To Be Decisive

How often do you hesitate before making an important decision for you? And once you have made a decision, do you often deviate from it? How long do you think before saying a firm "no" or a definite "yes"? Do you easily manage to overcome your fears in moments of real or imagined danger? How often do you give in to your fears and refuse to take decisive action? If the answers to these questions do not please you, it is time for you to start developing your resolve. The affirmations for decisiveness that you will find in this article will help you do this.

Affirmations for decisiveness (affirmations to become decisive):

  1. I can take decisive action
  2. My decisiveness is growing day by day.
  3. I can make firm decisions and follow them.
  4. I can follow my goal and overcome obstacles.
  5. I easily direct my thinking in a positive direction.
  6. I can make timely and thoughtful decisions.
  7. I can overcome my fears and doubts.
  8. If I have to do something, I do it.
  9. If I have to say something, I say it.
  10. My decisiveness leads me to my goals.
  11. Usually, I make the right decisions.
  12. I can make right decisions.
  13. I am able to make responsible and correct decisions.
  14. I believe that my decisions lead me to success.
  15. I can make decisions on my own.
  16. I like my decisiveness.
  17. I like to be a decisive person.
  18. Decisiveness is the main feature of my character.

Keep in mind that affirmations for decisiveness are meant to change your beliefs about how decisive you are. In order to become decisive, you need to put your beliefs into practice. Set clear goals for yourself, gain the necessary knowledge to achieve it, and boldly move forward, overcoming fears and doubts. Only by making responsible decisions can you develop in yourself such a quality as decisiveness. And, of course, it is good when you think about your actions and it is natural to feel fear, but fear must be justified, and your reflections must lead to a decision and its execution without the slightest hesitation. I wish you success!

© Oleg Akvan

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